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DirecTV Now vs YouTube TV vs Xfinity Streaming

For a brief period I had simultaneous access to three television streaming services - DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, and Xfinity Streaming. I was trying out Xfinity while at the tail end of a DirecTV Now subscription, and I’m on my brother’s YouTube TV family plan. From the very first time I watched something on Xfinity I…

Time for a new motorcycle Time for a new motorcycle

Up until last weekend I had a 2013 Triumph Trophy SE 1200, which I loved. My problem with it was that it’s a British bike, and I just didn’t have enough confidence in its long-term reliability. The warranty was nearing expiration and little gremlins were starting to make themselves known. Nothing critical mind you,…

And the award for World's Dumbest Product goes to... And the award for World's Dumbest Product goes to...

This morning I discovered that I share the planet with some chucklehead who believes people should hang their shoes on the wall.

Sling TV and NBC: What You Need To Know Sling TV and NBC: What You Need To Know

So, after months of research, waffling, more research, and a little less waffling, my wife and I finally whipped out the scissors and unceremoniously did away with Xfinity’s television service. The primary reason was that our monthly bill reached $204, and we didn’t even have their top tier package. Yeah, fuck that.

World's greatest cat video [Update] World's greatest cat video [Update]

The world’s greatest cat video has somehow made it back onto the internet. Enjoy it while you can! Also, be sure to use your favorite tool to grab a copy, because I know this will likely get taken down sooner than later.

In Honor of 420 Day...

I leave you this...er...gem to soak up and wonder what the hell they were thinking. Be absolutely sure to partake first.

So much vocal fry So much vocal fry

The airwaves are alive with the sound of vocal fry. Copious amounts of vocal fry. WTF?

What's up with KQED? What's up with KQED?

Let me start by saying that I love NPR. I’ve been a fan for many years, and ever since I moved to California it’s the only terrestrial radio I listen to. They don’t just rip and read, they tell stories by way of well-produced audio packages that completely immerse the listener in the topic.

File Under: Too Much Free Time

Star Wars nerds, rejoice! This dude somehow discovered that he can play the Imperial March on nothing more than a plastic stir stick. You’re welcome.

This is RokBlok

RokBlok - a “turntable” that’s heavy on the turn but light on the table. It’s currently on Kickstarter and has somehow managed to exceed their goal of $50k.

So, this is a thing... [Update] So, this is a thing... [Update]

See that? It’s a rock in a leather pouch. And you, yes YOU, can part with 85 of your hard earned dollars to have one thanks to Nordstrom.

The Sword Scales Back The Sword Scales Back

I became a fan of The Sword (a metal band out of Austin, Texas) by accident. During the summer of 2015 I was cruising the New Releases on Google Play Music and came across High Country - the then latest release by a band I’d never heard of. Of course I had to give a listen, because The Sword, and by about halfway…

Asshat Weekend Asshat Weekend

There must be a Cars and Coffee happening this weekend somewhere here in the East Bay because I’ve never seen/heard this many asshats in cars with far more horsepower than their feeble brains could possibly handle.

Jerry Brown Signed A.B. 51

Good news for lane splitters...

British Regulators Ban Audi Ad...

...because it (rightfully) links “speed” with “excitement.” This all sounds very dickish to me.

New Motorcycle New Motorcycle

I’ve lost count of how many street motorcycles I’ve had over the years. I started out with dirt bikes as a kid, but I got my first street bike back in 1995. It was a Honda GL500 Silverwing, and since then I’ve had many a Honda and many a Yamaha along with one Kawasaki.

This is my Friday Jam

This freakin’ masterpiece is my Friday Jam. What music is ringing in your weekend?

Are you a dick when you commute? Let's examine. . .

Just found this gem. As a Bay Area commuter I can say that it’s spot on.

Roxy The Movie Roxy The Movie

Anyone who appreciates the way music is constructed should watch this film, which is made of the footage from a set of shows Zappa/Mothers did at the Roxy in Hollywood back in 1973. The footage has been pretty much buried since it was shot...this film just came out in October 2015. The album Roxy and Elsewhere…

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