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Help me

What do yall hear?

I'm trying to help you

Do not make your friend rice like this:

Can we please talk about this song? Can we please talk about this song?

So Discount Rihanna released a new song, “Girls” and it features Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charlie XCX. The song is about hooking up with women.

Martha My Hero

You did that.

Unpopular opinion/the Real Take

Congratulations to this woman for setting a new world record for doing fake burpees.

As per usual: WOC slay the Met Gala As per usual: WOC slay the Met Gala

Let’s go to ittttttttt


I just became Catholic

The Definitive Ranking of Avengers 

This is the definitive ranking of Avengers in order of “would fuck”

LOL @ everyone mad at Deadspin

zomgz remember the dayz when you could just read about sports without the author injecting social issues into it? wah wah wah wah.

No More Kanye

In my mind, Kanye has long been cancelled. I’m talking about every think piece that’s out right now on Kanye’s decline. Kanye has been married to Kim since 2014 and for years chased her ass around until she decided it was within her brand to marry a Black man. Enough already. I’m tired of hearing of what Kanye used to…

TSB Roll Call TSB Roll Call

Who is around today? What has been on your mind lately? Is anybody out there?

Happy Birthday Hokes Happy Birthday Hokes

Yall. Yall. Yall!

Home Training: Using Sick Days

Hello TSB. Welcome to Home Training, an annual series where I assess your level of home training. I mean what other way is there to put it. Let’s just move on.

Dealbreaker: Chris Pine with flip flops Dealbreaker: Chris Pine with flip flops

I recently decided that Chris Pine could eat the cake. Especially with the grey hair.

Poll for the Bowl: Best Lil Kim Song

So my sister and I got into it cuz she thinks Kim’s best song is No Time. LOL WRONG. I think its Queen Bitch. Diddy talks way too much in No Time. Then she says well he made her famous. Mind you this is the sister I fight with the most and now you know why.

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