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Our Draft Picks for 2018 Our Draft Picks for 2018

The Filipino Delegation claims the following individuals:

ca-meela ca-beyo

It’s no surprise that I would be a fan of Fifth Harmony. Here is a profile of Camila Cabello. I forgot that she was so young. She comes across as level-headed and I appreciate her honesty in this piece. I’m also sharing it because I love the anecdotes about her growing up as a child of immigrants. Particularly…

The Proper Way to Shovel a Sidewalk The Proper Way to Shovel a Sidewalk

You must do the entire sidewalk. Don’t just do a little path that’s the size of your shovel. Do the ENTIRE sidewalk. Don’t be lazy. Put your back into it. And if you can’t, figure out how to do it either by paying someone else or using a snowblower.

Home Training: HOLIDAZE Edition Home Training: HOLIDAZE Edition

Shoutout to Rooo for letting me use Holidaze and not suing me for copyright infringement.

Paging Meaghan (and others)

Come look at these photos of the Jez staff lol

Your Vote Needed

I’m polling Clashtalk for the worst Kinja site and the worst Kinja sub. Let me know in the comments below.

The single issue vote

White folks saying that their fanily voted on a single issue: abortion.

Hachi and Hokes Present: The List of 2017 Bangers Hachi and Hokes Present: The List of 2017 Bangers

Welcome to Hachi and Hokes’ 2017 List of Straight Certified Hit Bangers. This list complies our top picks for the best bangers of 2017. We have selected our top 10 songs from this year. Our criteria for this list was simple: it had to be a straight certified motherfuckin’ bangaaaaaaaaaaaa. Now, you may side eye our…

Pay Attention to Me, Hokes Pay Attention to Me, Hokes

Do you think that I should eat Chinese for dinner? I want Chinese food.

Jollibee - the Filipino fast food chain

If they put up a Jollibee near me, its over. Jollibee is my absolute favorite thing about visiting the Philippines (ok besides my family). The fried chicken is the greatest thing Filipinos have ever done besides banana sauce and putting vinegar with everything. And yeah, we eat cut up hot dogs in our spaghetti - wuts…

This is NOT A DRILL: the Root has a beauty/fashion sub


TSB Roll Call TSB Roll Call

Please check in because I miss y’all and I want to tell you that.

I love these Korean boys I love these Korean boys

I feel like a proud auntie or something. Check out their historic performance from last night

Show Your Love for Martha, SHE MADE IT Show Your Love for Martha, SHE MADE IT

Martha is on the MP, show her some love in the comments ya bish! She made it yall!

What is The Takeout?

Help me understand why this suddenly appeared in the Kinja sites.

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