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Hour rule. 

Well, erm. That’s it really.

Food time.  Food time. 

Wagyu beef and Lancashire cheese burgers on shredded lettuce, one topped with pepperoni, one with streaky bacon, topped with pickled gherkins and tomato salsa in toasted brioche buns, bacon fried beans, southern fried chicken strips, nacho cheese samosas and fries.

Blackberry KEYone  Blackberry KEYone 

Got to say I’m actually loving my new Blackberry.

Food-lopnik  Food-lopnik 

Post nightshift steak and ale pie, veg and mash.

Right you 'orrible lot  Right you 'orrible lot 

I’m off up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire .

Back to Scotland to clean the Ninth Gen Honda Civic.  Back to Scotland to clean the Ninth Gen Honda Civic. 

The weather has been crap again so my colleague has been wanting her car done again.

One product always gets people curious.  One product always gets people curious. 

There is one product that always makes people look at me funny.

Okay, drinks time 

I’m nearly out of white wine.

Good night all 

No pictures of food, drink, cars or cleaning.

Sod it, why not.  Sod it, why not. 

I’ll join LexusGuy and Dr. Zoidberg.

I love this stuff.  I love this stuff. 

Autobrite Jaffa Clean

Really Honda Really Honda

I’ve been berating my friend for topping up the screenwash in her car and dropping the cap down into the engine bay.

Good night my antipodean cousins. 

and good night the rest of OPPO.

Speaking of Ford.  Speaking of Ford. 

Other than the new look Eco Sport.

M-Sport's Evaluation Centre.  M-Sport's Evaluation Centre. 

After looking at TheDOk_2many toys post on the abandoned race track it remind me to look at a track of sorts soon to be finished where I live.

Quite an honour today.  Quite an honour today. 

The gentleman down the road has looked after his cars for years, every now and then when I was cleaning a car, he’d come out and clean his, giving the old ‘Cumbria nod’ of ‘hey, lads doing lads stuff’. Well as he’s getting older and his wife less mobile, he came and asked me if I could clean it for him. I was a bit…

Another night over Another night over

Time for a nice brew and some chocolate biscuits, and unpack the latest delivery of car products.

Good deed for the day.  Good deed for the day. 

Finished work, did some shopping, came home, knew my neighbours would be going to work in an hour so scraped the windows on the two cars.

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