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My puppy's facebook

I created a facebook for my puppy. I thought I’d share it in case there are any other dog lovers with Facebook pages - I’ll like you back!! Not much to it yet. I’ve had a terrible year and among other things lost my pit bull boy of 14 years. Took home this puppy on a whim and I think this facebook page helps keep me…

Poll, what is my puppy and how big? Poll, what is my puppy and how big?

I was told he was a ‘less than 30lbs terrier lap dog’ from his original rescue, then a ‘very small heeler/pointer’ from a secondary rescue, and a rat terrier from my vet. BUT, he’s 4.5 months old and 30lbs (was 9lbs at 9 weeks). What do you think he is? Am I going to have a biggen or a lapper? Has he stopped growing?…

Welcome to the family, puppy man Welcome to the family, puppy man

I’ve been annoying this forum for about 10 years now, SORRY! Usually I post about lunch but lately have been whining about my dog dying. You see, life isn’t all that easy on me and when I lost my dog I just kind of flipped. Anyhow, my last dog was a pit bull mix from the shelter and was just perfect. I tried to do…

I'm having a hard time  I'm having a hard time 

without my boy. He died over a month ago. He’s an American Pit Bull Terrier, passed. Here, look at him. I miss this guy so much. I’ve been on here as long as I’ve had him. You should see him. My Andrew.

Lunch etiquette 

Why is it so hard for some fools to understand that you don’t microwave fuggin seafood at work? Especially when it’s like 5000 degrees out and humid. Inconsiderate scourge!  

I've lost my appetite.  

Nothing sounds good and I can’t afford to lose weight. Post something appetizing please! Edit:  Thanks, all.  The humor in reading these replies allowed me to eat a somewhat substantial lunch.  

Wearing my lunch!

Went to the cafeteria to pick up some of their Salisbury steak (pretty good for hamburger meat) and spilled the majority of the gravy down my sweater and pant leg on my way to my desk. Oh, another typical day for me! What’s for lunch??!!

I got super glue on my fingers and under

my finger nails. It’s horrible! I feel like I’m some cheesy scene in a movie. 5 hours to go...

Just spent 4.5 hours at stupid DMV

California DMV is impossible. It takes 2 months to get an appointment, if you don’t have one you’re waiting for 4-6 hours. WHAT THE REALLY FUCK? Anywho, kid got her drivers permit, now I’m downing coffee just trying to stay awake. COFFEE!!!

Too much of a good thing.

I’ve managed to eat way too many cookies. Feeling pretty ill now. That might be the end to that.

I just got a new Playstation Pro 1 tb delivered

I bought it for myself after I hit a mile stone birthday. I got it nearly half off because I’m old and know other engineers who work at Sony. Tonight I’m battling my teenager who also has one (they don’t know they’ll be battling me, it’s a surprise). On my way to work I stopped to take over a Poke gym. Somebody kept…

California Insurance rate hikes

So my insurance for two cars (including a brand new vehicle and a 98 vehicle) at full coverage (maxed out) doubled. It’s almost another 100 a month. I had a ticket last year around February but hadn’t had a ticket previous for 20 years. I’ve gone around and questioned others about the rate hike and even people without…

Oh Cookie!  

How I love thee! Even at work, you make me so happy.

SMH.... smells like somebody microwaved an entire 

Octopus. I’m willing to bet I know who it is and it is Octopus. Don’t people know this is taboo at work? My lord. Time to up my game and add a fifth box of baking soda to my cubicle.

I got a salad today

So I could also buy a giant cookie from work cafeteria lady. The register lady under-charged me somehow even though I told her about it. Total was 5$. Well played cookie, I love you. <3 <3 I LOVE COOKIE!

Not really my idea of scary

Link from i09. ‘It Follows’ is literally a creature that follows you and when it catches you it kill and humps you at once. So weird. ‘Train to Busan’ is almost comedic though probably better than the others on the list. Are there really any scary movies anymore? Seems they’re funny, really stupid or just a gore…

I ate a bratwurst from the work cafeteria 

Wish me luck. Gut gurgling imminent.

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