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Too much of a good thing.

I’ve managed to eat way too many cookies. Feeling pretty ill now. That might be the end to that.

I just got a new Playstation Pro 1 tb delivered

I bought it for myself after I hit a mile stone birthday. I got it nearly half off because I’m old and know other engineers who work at Sony. Tonight I’m battling my teenager who also has one (they don’t know they’ll be battling me, it’s a surprise). On my way to work I stopped to take over a Poke gym. Somebody kept…

California Insurance rate hikes

So my insurance for two cars (including a brand new vehicle and a 98 vehicle) at full coverage (maxed out) doubled. It’s almost another 100 a month. I had a ticket last year around February but hadn’t had a ticket previous for 20 years. I’ve gone around and questioned others about the rate hike and even people without…

Oh Cookie!  

How I love thee! Even at work, you make me so happy.

SMH.... smells like somebody microwaved an entire 

Octopus. I’m willing to bet I know who it is and it is Octopus. Don’t people know this is taboo at work? My lord. Time to up my game and add a fifth box of baking soda to my cubicle.

I got a salad today

So I could also buy a giant cookie from work cafeteria lady. The register lady under-charged me somehow even though I told her about it. Total was 5$. Well played cookie, I love you. <3 <3 I LOVE COOKIE!

Not really my idea of scary

Link from i09. ‘It Follows’ is literally a creature that follows you and when it catches you it kill and humps you at once. So weird. ‘Train to Busan’ is almost comedic though probably better than the others on the list. Are there really any scary movies anymore? Seems they’re funny, really stupid or just a gore…

I ate a bratwurst from the work cafeteria 

Wish me luck. Gut gurgling imminent.

I cannot decide

If I should go spend 1.50 on a cookie or not. Already spent a $5 on lunch... Tis a really good cookie though. Heavenly.

Is there a space shuttle coming in tonight? Is there a space shuttle coming in tonight?

Just saw something come through the atmosphere. It was pretty neat and not an asteroid. Had a type of halo behind it. After googling looks like it was caused by a heat shield from the craft. Not aliens. San Diego, Ca.

I am a chocolate chip cookie addict

The cafeteria at my work charges $1.50 for them. I used to laugh with the cashier about how ridiculously priced they were. A couple of bad days led to a couple of cookie purchases. Now everyday around lunch time my mind mulls over the purchase before a voice in side me goes ‘Fuck it, you deserve it’. Cafeteria is…

I'm taking bets on

how much coffee I can drink in one day.

Duct tape on road prank

Is it possible to harm your car if you run over the wads on duct tape the kids put on the road as a prank? My neighbors are all upset about it happening and I’ve been annoyed at having to fish tape out from around my wheels. Curious if it can harm the car at all. What if you never remove the tape?

I declined three meetings this week

Nobody has said anything yet.

Please send my doggo your best - Please send my doggo your best -

prayers, good thoughts, or whatever you have - I’m not picky. Found out he has a mass on his spleen last Friday while getting his vaccines updated prior to my vacation - I asked for my free x-ray that came with my plan. That was followed hours later by an ultra sound which confirmed the finding. Removal surgery is…

I was internally transferred at work

They needed a group of people to start a project. I didn’t ask, they just told. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I also can’t post pictures. 

What's with the dentist posts?

I hate the dentist. I cancelled my appointment last week.... cause I be hatin’.

Welp, not moving to New Hampshire

And what the heck is going on in South Carolina? Edit: Why can’t I include pictures anymore? Keeps giving me an error.

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