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I got a McLaren for $24. After work I drove over an hour in the treacherous rain and traffic to pick this up. The packaging isn’t mint but it doesn’t bother me because I free most of my cars.

Yellow Integras Yellow Integras

X-Concepts (Modifiers) vs. Revell vs. Hot Wheels. Cool.

Japanese Lunchtime Japanese Lunchtime

My workplace is doing a huge renovation so parking is a huge pain in the booty. So, for about 2 months I have not gone on a lunchtime hunt until today. I was hoping to get lucky and find a Forza series Nissan Silvia. Instead, I found these cars.

SunToys Toyota Tacoma SunToys Toyota Tacoma

I thought it’d be bigger.

Mail Damaged Mail Damaged

Ugh.....ebayers....why use an envelope to ship fragile stuff? Well at least the car I wanted wasn’t damaged much. The other car, a Lincoln Navigator, was just part of the 2-car eBay listing and I don’t care for it anyway.

Battle Damaged Battle Damaged

I did a milk run at Walmart and found these after work. Unfortunately I don’t think they make the battle damaged version of the Jeep or Explorer....the two best cars of the series in my opinion.   

O Rly? O Rly?

Really! A bottle of nail polish really can fix paint chips! I can’t tell that it ever had chips.

Should I Feel Bad? Should I Feel Bad?

This thing survived about 27 years in package and I’m the dude that’s going to eventually rip it out from its package. It even has a KayBee toys sticker!

Widebody Factory Widebody Factory

Black & Decker toaster oven. It’s where widebodies are born.

Black Nissans Black Nissans

Kyosho vs Hot Wheels. I like both

Mattel Hates You Mattel Hates You

You are no longer welcomed in our store.

Diecast Expense Diecast Expense

How much do you guys spend within a 2 month period? you just prefer not to think about it? I went through my eBay 60 days history and so far have spent $332. I’ve probably spent just as much or even more in the past 2 months through in-store purchases, two trips to toy shows, Craigslist/OfferUp/etc.,…

Dallas Toy Show: Round 2 Dallas Toy Show: Round 2

Same vendors as last month and not much new stuff. I think I’ll give it a good while before I go to the next toy show. Total damage done: $41. I didn’t think I’d ever own a BTTF Toyota truck. Only $15! Thats a steal compared to eBay. The card is damaged but that’s fine by me since I open up most of my cars. In fact,…

Zany Cars Zany Cars

I like these Dekotoro and Bosozoku inspired cars. Maybe I’m the only LALDer here that likes them? Anyway, the Track Manga and the Target exclusive red Mad Manga are my two latest acquisitions.

Trail Boss Trail Boss

Not my typical purchase but I had to get it to match my other Chevy truck.

Supernatural Supernatural

It’s one of my favorite shows and I think it’s awesome that both the actors are fellow Texans. I got this in the mail today and although I do like it, I am just really disappointed in Greenlights quality. It’s just as bad as M2. The paint on the driver rear pillar is jacked up.

Downsizing Downsizing

I started making a scale model of my house last night. I’m surprised it took me only one night and one sheet of foam core. I measured wherever I could and used an online scale calculator to scale it down to 1:64.

JDM Noodles JDM Noodles

I think Noodles can see into my soul. He knows what I lust over. I got home late at night and in the mail was this beauty! What a friggin awesome custom! Is Noodles a surgeon? The tailights were painted with such precision.

Antique Surprise Antique Surprise

I found a Toyota Baja (aka Toyota Off-road) that I needed and I’m surprised that it’s in mint condition. The rest of the cars will go to my son.

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