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JDM Super JDM Super

I work near downtown Dallas. Outside my office building is a train station. On the other side of the tracks are multi-million dollar mansions. This enclave is named Highland Park and ranked 4th most affluent areas in Dallas.....but you couldn’t pay me to live there. They call this place “The Bubble” and it’s where the…

Fast and Furious Transporter Fast and Furious Transporter

I took a 30 minute detour on the way home. 30 minutes because traffic was so bad and I took a wrong exit.

New Year New Space New Year New Space

This was my sad diecast area. Under an Ikea table.

My last mail and store hawl of 2018 My last mail and store hawl of 2018

I went out looking for a select few of the F&F cars and Gulf cars. I only found one car from my want list. However, I found a few unexpected cars plus I got something in the mail.

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT500 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT500

This car is too cool! The body is metal but base is plastic. I was expecting the body to be plastic but it’s a nice surprise. It feels hefty.

Camper Camper

Here is a quick custom. I just need to paint and detail this to make it not look so plastic-y. 

Vul-cant Vul-cant

I can’t. I just can’t complete this custom. This is my attempt at turning a Hot Wheels into an Aston Martin Vulcan. The other day I saw that Mini GT is going to release a 1/64 Vulcan. So I don’t see the point of me completing this. I’ll just buy the Mini GT.

Excessive Excessive

About 3 weeks ago on November 21 Wheelcollectors had a sale so I bought 6 Greenlight cars. Since then it has spiralled out of control.  I went from owning zero Greenlights and now I’m at about thirty. I’m still missing a few............I’ve got issues.

Supra Sunday...and two Vans Supra Sunday...and two Vans

A few of my recent diecasts I acquired on my journeys around the world to far off exotic places. Nah...just kidding. eBay.

Dek The Halls Dek The Halls

I just got this awesome holiday HWEP with some awesome RAOK from dek34! It came on the same day I got a package from A&J Toys and they both happened to use similar boxes so that confused me at first.

High Speed Mercedes  High Speed Mercedes 

Not the typical stuff I collect but at $1 I couldn’t pass.

RealToy vs Hot Wheels RealToy vs Hot Wheels

UpI recently acquire this RealToy VehiCross. Typically I like to have cars from different toy makers be similar in size. When one is too huge or too small compared the other, it bugs me. However, this RealToy VehiCross is too awesome so I don’t mind that it’s bigger than the HW. Who knows....maybe the RealToy one is…

Metal Blobs Metal Blobs

I bought these Motorworks cars off eBay. I know they’re pretty bad castings but I was curious how they would look against the other cars in my collection. I believe these were produced specifically for Walmart.

Toyotas Toyotas

I like them. Some would say they’re boring cars......but they’re overall dependable.

Mini Jam Mini Jam

Anyone collect Monster Jams? I don’t collect them but I saw these small ornament ones at Hobby Lobby. I think they’re resin.

Mazda Miata MX5 Monday Mmmmm Mazda Miata MX5 Monday Mmmmm

It’s sill Monday for me. Here are some pictures of ugly 90's Miatas (hey Dek34!) Possibly taken with a 90's era potato camera 


I got a McLaren for $24. After work I drove over an hour in the treacherous rain and traffic to pick this up. The packaging isn’t mint but it doesn’t bother me because I free most of my cars.

Yellow Integras Yellow Integras

X-Concepts (Modifiers) vs. Revell vs. Hot Wheels. Cool.

Japanese Lunchtime Japanese Lunchtime

My workplace is doing a huge renovation so parking is a huge pain in the booty. So, for about 2 months I have not gone on a lunchtime hunt until today. I was hoping to get lucky and find a Forza series Nissan Silvia. Instead, I found these cars.

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