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Antique Surprise Antique Surprise

I found a Toyota Baja (aka Toyota Off-road) that I needed and I’m surprised that it’s in mint condition. The rest of the cars will go to my son.

Gran Turismo Gran Turismo

It took five stores for me to piece together a set. These are the only cars I wanted and the Skyline was found at the last store I went to.

EvilBay Mail Call EvilBay Mail Call

I like Johnny Lightning. I just wish they were easier to find in stores. Wal-Mart barely stocks any.

Mail Call: Plasticprints II Mail Call: Plasticprints II

Thanks Plasticprints! Now I can further fill in gaps in my collection. This Datsun wagon is awesome!

$5.99 Transporter $5.99 Transporter

I got tired of hunting for the Team Transport so I just ordered from A&J toys. Anyway, today I bought a transporter from CVS. You can also find these at Walgreens and grocery stores. I think they are scaled a bit better than the hot wheels or matchbox transporters.  Kinda big but not puny like the matchbox transporter

Toy Show Toy Show

My HAWL from the Dallas monthly toy show. This was my first toy show. Fellow LALD Howard was there too. I was able to pick up a few cars that I’m missing and what I liked was that I was able to bargain with the sellers. Total damage: $55 - $60. Buying these from eBay would definitely cost me more.

Deadpool Deadpool

The past 48 hours has been the most frustrating hunt since I started collecting in 2014. All I want is the two JDM sets from Team Transport and cars from the Honda 70th Anniversary set (minus the bike and Honda racer). I’ve been to about 16 or 20 Walmarts and Targets and the only thing I found from my wish list is a…

Jurassic Park Jurassic Park

While looking for the Honda 70th Aniversary set, I found this Jurassic World set. It’s not the WalMart exclusive battle damage variation. It’s a different 5 pack I’ve never seen before. The explorer and jeep have mud on them and the Mercedes is black. So if you collect Jurassic Park cars, here is a new set to look…

Fisheyed Car Fisheyed Car

Why do I keep going to I went to three Targets today because it shows they have Team Transports in stock. What a waste of time and gas. So, I went to HobbyTown USA before going back to work. It’s not a good place to go if you want cheap Hot Wheels or MBX because it’s overpriced. Being a JDM enthusiast,…

Buyer's Remorse Buyer's Remorse

I’ve been wanting the Tokyo Torque but could never find them. I finally found these two at Hobby Lobby today. Why are they so tiny? This is the opposite of those ridiculously huge 1:64 Jada’s. It just doesnt flow well with HW or MBX. Back to Hobby Lobby they go and getting my money back.

Zuru Metal Machines Zuru Metal Machines

I saw these cars at Target and got excited thinking to myself “Wow more diecast options!”. Then I saw that they are all fantasy cars. Darn! I didn’t bother to check the price but if they’re $1 I may get some for my son.

Roach Coach Roach Coach

Lately I’ve acquired a taste for food trucks. These 4 came today in the mail and I got them all for $17 shipped which I think is a reasonable price for these 4 premium cars.

100% Viper 100% Viper

I don’t normally collect American cars but when I saw this 100% Hot Wheels Dodge Viper at an antique store for $6.99 I had to buy it. The first time I’d ever seen a Viper was when I was a kid in the 90s and I saw it on an episode of Married With Children.

My first Johnny Lightnings My first Johnny Lightnings

I’ve been wasting lots of time and gas (my car only gets 15mpg) looking for the 50th Anniversary Favorites Datsun wagon with no luck. However, I did find these two Johnny Lightnings and they’re my first JLs ever. At first I thought the CRX was too big but after comparing it to a HW it turns out they’re pretty much…

Something Different Something Different

I saw these at Target. If you’re craving diecast that isn’t HW or MBX then here ya go. They’re similar in size to Hot Wheels

A Tornado Came Through A Tornado Came Through

This is one of the things about this hobby that I hate. Why do people always make a mess? I feel sorry for the workers and I bet they despise hot wheels collectors.  If you’re a grown man and you’re making a mess then shame on you. Anyway, I don’t collect American cars so I didn’t really pay attention to this series…

72 Skyline J Case 72 Skyline J Case

I stumbled on some newly pegged J case cars. However, it was the strangest sight. There were about 60-plus J case cars and they were all Skylines. Did this particular Wal-Mart somehow get a case full of just Skylines?

7-Eleven Hypercars 7-Eleven Hypercars

12 highly detailed cars for $89 shipped isn’t bad! It sure beats paying ridiculous prices for one HW. I got 4 Bugattis, 4 McLarens and 4 Paganis. Sorry for the phone photos. I took some pics on my pro camera but misplaced the memory card somewhere.

Yuck!!!! Yuck!!!!

Pardon me while I go puke.


I found this little guy in a 5 pack. He now joins my CRX family. The only one I’m missing is the Boulevard yellow version.......but I’d rather spend my money on real car parts than pay $20+ on evil bay.

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