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Something Different Something Different

I saw these at Target. If you’re craving diecast that isn’t HW or MBX then here ya go. They’re similar in size to Hot Wheels

A Tornado Came Through A Tornado Came Through

This is one of the things about this hobby that I hate. Why do people always make a mess? I feel sorry for the workers and I bet they despise hot wheels collectors.  If you’re a grown man and you’re making a mess then shame on you. Anyway, I don’t collect American cars so I didn’t really pay attention to this series…

72 Skyline J Case 72 Skyline J Case

I stumbled on some newly pegged J case cars. However, it was the strangest sight. There were about 60-plus J case cars and they were all Skylines. Did this particular Wal-Mart somehow get a case full of just Skylines?

7-Eleven Hypercars 7-Eleven Hypercars

12 highly detailed cars for $89 shipped isn’t bad! It sure beats paying ridiculous prices for one HW. I got 4 Bugattis, 4 McLarens and 4 Paganis. Sorry for the phone photos. I took some pics on my pro camera but misplaced the memory card somewhere.

Yuck!!!! Yuck!!!!

Pardon me while I go puke.


I found this little guy in a 5 pack. He now joins my CRX family. The only one I’m missing is the Boulevard yellow version.......but I’d rather spend my money on real car parts than pay $20+ on evil bay.

Rocket Roadster Rocket Roadster

Thanks to Elon Musk I will soon be an eBay millionaire.

Fast Lane Cars Fast Lane Cars

They got some screen time in the new Deadpool trailer.

Screwed Screwed

I ordered japan historics many months ago because I knew I likely won’t find them in stores. Now I received this email. I’m so frustrated. As a huge fan of JDM it hurts to know I most likely won’t ever find these in the wild..

Super "Supra" Super "Supra"

Here is the newest Power Pro aka Super Tsunami. It is from HW’s Justice League set and it’s the only car out of that set that I like. The Power Pro is based off of the Toyota Supra. Get yours today at your local Wal-Mart dump bin of death. Or wait several months and see them pop up at dollar stores after Wal-Mart…

Pikes Peak Tacoma Pikes Peak Tacoma

The only Tacoma I’m missing is the 2011 mystery model purple Tacoma. I don’t collect wheel variations. Since there aren’t many Tacomas I’ll just use the other Toyota trucks and SUVs as fillers for this post. Some of these vehicles wouldn’t be in my collection if it wasn’t for the HWEPs that was made possible by the…

Pikes Peak Celica Pikes Peak Celica

Darn....everyone is having good luck finding new JDM cars and $THs. Oh are my Pikes Peak Celicas. I am still missing some.

Q case? Q case?

Can someone help? I am confused. I thought the silver NSX shows up in the 2018 A case but today at Wal-Mart I found it and on the back it says Q. I also saw the black Integra and orange VW golf.

I ordered I ordered

I ordered the second set of M2 because I didn’t want to deal with hunting. They finally came in today. They are from Total paid was $41.99

Audi R8 Audi R8

Pictured are three Audi R8s by Majorette, Hot Wheels and RMZ city

Bootleg Bugatti Bootleg Bugatti

Speed & Furious!!!!!!

Magical Meat Magical Meat

SPAM.....made from Squirrels Possum And Mice.

Camshaft Chris....I took your chase 240Z. Camshaft Chris....I took your chase 240Z.

Just kidding. Wasn’t me. However, I did come upon the M2 during lunch today. Now here’s the strange part. Someone was there before me and bought two of the 6 available cars but left behind the Bluebird chase. I missed out on the Zamac and mclaren....someone beat me to them but I did see a bunch of time shifters. …

Datsun FuguSEA Datsun FuguSEA

Hey may rule the underwater with your Datsub but I rule the waves.

Another Jada 1/64 rant Another Jada 1/64 rant

I previously considered making an exception and buying their Toyota FT1. However, upon seeing it in person today it’s a big loud “Nope!” from me.

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