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You Win! 

Alright everyone allow me to quote desperate housewives:

STElizabeth - The Patron Saint of Imposters

if you have not heard by now - I have been trying to let people know - i have an imposter profile of me floating around -whoever made it did it at the perfect moment because i have not been online much for the past few days so it was an opportune moment to swoop in with a “new” profile

👀 👀

My mom got this “Inspiralize” cookbook which actually looks really cool - it’s like that thing where you make noodles out of like cucumbers and shit but ANYWAY


I wish I was dead :(


Hello! I have some updates and what not and will probably include those in the replies but here’s a subject that I’ve found myself wondering about not only my whole life but especially over this weekend.




Hey everyone!


Hello to anyone who reads this! I don’t really know if anyone will but that’s okay. There’s no open thread or anything for me to bitch right now so here I am.