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22 years of automotive mediocrity:  a history of my vehicles. 22 years of automotive mediocrity:  a history of my vehicles.

This took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would to compile, but I’m glad I did.  It was a fun trip down memory lane for me.  

Helmet testing. Helmet testing.

Had a pretty good wipeout on the mountain bike this morning, which unfortunately gave me a chance to find out how good my helmet is was.

Oppositesock Oppositesock

This is where I live. I’m fortunate enough to have the Appalachian Mountains/Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s amazing drives/climbing/hiking/biking essentially surrounding my home.

DOTSOTM (Down on the side of the mountain) DOTSOTM (Down on the side of the mountain)

So I spent my weekend absolutely neglecting my lawn in lieu of playing dirtbag mountain biker (I think I made the right choice). 17 miles and 5400' of climbing (which also means 5400' of descent fun time), all within a stones throw of my front door.

New toy New toy

I started riding single track 27 years ago, with my last new ride being a 2004 Giant VT2 (I’ve been on an 8 year hiatus for bad reasons). Holy shit have bikes changed.

Follow-up on an old post/finished project pics Follow-up on an old post/finished project pics

This could double as DC3LS bait, I’m guessing.


Being the primary employee to field telephone calls at my job, I tend to get a hell of a lot of telemarketers. They’re pretty easy to quickly identify (background conversations from cubicle farm, flat/dead delivery of reading from a script for 8 hours), but I’ve had a couple in the past month that have been different.

Lazy coworkers. Lazy coworkers.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m the only one around here cognizant enough to notice that the water cooler is empty, and thus always end up refilling it.

Far Side Friday - Ramblin' is letting us down Far Side Friday - Ramblin' is letting us down

Edit: I should look before I leap, Ramblin’ actually made a couple posts earlier today when I was doing the unthinkable (actually working at work).

Pseudo Far Side Friday Pseudo Far Side Friday

Fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and saw this commercial a couple weeks ago, and immediately thought “If Gary Larson did television commercials...”

Deer whistles Deer whistles

Did not help.

Guess the MSRP Guess the MSRP

2017 Mercedes GLS450 left headlamp, with night vision and curve illumination.

RIP Malcolm Young RIP Malcolm Young

The first time I really displayed interest in music was at about four years old, and it was AC/DC’s “For those about to rock”. I think it was the cannons that got me, they were unique and interesting to my little mind and ears.

Bodyshop catlopnik. Bodyshop catlopnik.

So winter is approaching, and it’s getting colder outside as it tends to do in mid fall. It’s been warm enough during the day (mid 60s) that we’ve been keeping our bay doors open as long as possible. When my coworkers and I opened the shop up Monday morning, we noticed tiny little kitten footprints in the dust on a…

Be still my beating heart... Be still my beating heart...

Front bumper and headlight removal not required to change bulb.

Glassdoor employer reviews Glassdoor employer reviews

I’ve been exploring my employment options recently, as the industry I’m in is in a weird place, and I’m not necessarily satisfied with my current situation.

'65 F-100 '65 F-100

It was a basket case when it got here. Rattlecan primer black that was soft and would peel with a fingernail, frame had been clipped (incorrectly). Slammed to the ground with air shocks and (I think) 10 leaf rear springs. Universal wiring harness installed (incorrectly), wired for a GM 1 (3) wire alternator, but had…

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