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This is one of the worst post histories I've seen

This guy is a complete worthless shitstain:

There sure are some crazy people on the Gawker network

I came across this person and checked out their post history. Here’s an example. This person is nuts!

I'm Glad My Comments Don't Show on Gawker

Otherwise I might get sucked into arguing with the idiots and lunatics that currently populate that horrific comment section.

I think my posts don't show on Gawker

I haven’t seen my posts showing up on Gawker in a long time. No big loss because most comments are trash these days, but oh well.

In Praise of Adam Weinstein

I don't have as much time to post here as I used to and nu-Kinja makes the side blogs 10x harder to read than they used to.

"Both Sides Suck I'm So Above It"

No, you're not. That sense of superiority you get by pretending you're above the fray and drawing equivalencies between two sides that don't exist? There's a reason you feel superior then: it's just about the only time in your mealy-mouthed, cowardly, positionless life that you will not realize how much of an abject…

Kinja Sucks but Click for a Mini Rant on Jezebel Writers

I tried to post at work but Kinja doesn't work with my IE on my work computer (can't load comments past the first three in a set that show up, can't post).

Weird Post on the Morning After Pill Article

Can someone explain why a BBW decided to post her picture as a "fuck off to the BMI" on a post that says "if you weigh X pounds don't take the morning after pill." ?

Dumb Kinja Features

Why the fuck did they ruin the commenter history page? Why the fuck would I click on a commenter's name to find out what articles they commented on? I wanna know what they've said in the past, not have to click through to some dumb article to find out.

Watching John Cook Whine on Twitter is Hilarious

John Cook, so so jelly of Glenn Greenwald. It's marvelous to watch as he passive aggressively "snarks" away on twitter, jealous that Cook's big investigative journalism stories are, to wit, crack tape (which was not an exclusive) and Bill O'Reilly's messy divorce.

Public Service Announcement

Using "you guise" in a non-ironic fashion identifies you as a dumb ass and possibly a jezebel caricature.

The Real Headline to that 8 Year Old Killer Article Should Be...

8-year-old Shot and Killed Caregiver After Finding Loaded Gun

Apparently My Posts Don't Show Up At All in Groupthink

So I guess a whole bunch of people are going to get confused by this doofus being completely wrong.

I still don't get how blurred lines is rapey

I generally don't like Slate but this article sort of captures my thinking on the song

Obama is a Huge Piece of Shit: Part Eleventy Obama is a Huge Piece of Shit: Part Eleventy…

No Better Example of Jezebel's Lack of Relevance

So Jezebel had an article today pointing out David Brooks' latest idiotic column:

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