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Its 510 somewhere Its 510 somewhere

Here are some customs for you to enjoy.

Silverado Sunday Silverado Sunday

You all know the situation...

Play Forever Friday Play Forever Friday

Not diecast; but automotive awesomeness nonetheless. Playforever is a British company that makes wicked cars based on racers of old. They are built to be abused and they stand up to it really well. They also just look so good!

I made, nope, mounted a thing I made, nope, mounted a thing

I went out for a ‘wine club’ AKA ‘surprise girls night’ tonight w my wife’s work friends. As retribution I mounted my Carney Plastics 72 car case at 10 pm to her protestations. Filled it in no particular pattern, but I really like the way the angle displays the front and side of the cars. I need to think about what…

Mail find Mail find

I do not regret getting these. Copper head, gasser, silverado and T1 are all stand out models. 510 needs a wheel swap. Any volunteers?

Baja Bruiser Brothers Baja Bruiser Brothers

I have already shown you the Baja Bruiser, I recently picked up his brother. The details in the bed, the ‘bruiser’ on the hood and the solid colour with no distractions make it almost as good as the original RLC.

Lets continue with Truck Thursday Lets continue with Truck Thursday

Power Rangers...I mean Wagons! All metal, real riders, convention and RLC pink. Ticks all the boxes. Love the license plates on them too.

ToyBota ToyBota

Toyota pick up mail in.

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy

What started as a whisper turned to a roar. There is only so long you can ignore this vehicle. This will be one for the ages. Such a great model.

Wicked Gasser Wicked Gasser

From Pittsburgh with love. The 55 Chevy Gasser. The colour of this one is on point and I personally like it better than the candy striper...but that is like picking between 2 flavours of ice cream, there are only winners.

83 Silverado 83 Silverado

Not much to say here. Potato pics won’t win this weeks IG contest but they also can’t take away from the beauty of this model. The neatest thing about it is how good it feels in hand. It is solid and the shape is just perfect.

Teutonic Teusday Teutonic Teusday

Ran into Walmart and found this. Might be my favourite so far. I found 3 (so I have 2 extra if any wants to trade for something). And yes my stream liner collection has expanded to include the 2 Troy Lee design ones. I will feature those later.

Minor HAWL Minor HAWL

First time I have posted anything in a while. Most of you will know my collection has a decidedly german/JDM bent...but oh how things have changed. I am going to have proper photos up soon (I hope) but in the meantime here is a teaser of some models acquired since December. Background drawing courtesy of my wife; it…

Damn Damn

This is what I am getting for the car culture completion set...I knew this would happen. If anyone got an extra set please reach out to me.

Sunday Funday! Sunday Funday!

GT40 posted that Lego is trying to expand their fan base to serious gear-heads. I would suggest Playmobile is trying to do the same thing given their average sets cater to 3-5 yo (although admittedly the box on this set says 4+). The Carrera S I got 2-3 years ago. The GT3 cup is the new acquisition. Fun for all ages.

Beauty is the Beast Beauty is the Beast

In my previous post about the Kafer Racer toy fair edition a comment was made that function does not necessarily equate to beauty. Let me present two race inspired models that are beautiful beasts.

It is going to be a good week... It is going to be a good week...

RLC car will be arriving.

Karmann Ghia - The missing link? Karmann Ghia - The missing link?

Like the Baja Bug, the Karmann Ghia has had many releases. The ones in my collection are but a few of them. I love the casting, especially the spectraflame orange RLC version. The black one is a convention car. All of the spoiler lids detach to reveal the engine underneath. This car really bridges the connection bw…

Terrible Toy Fair Thursday Terrible Toy Fair Thursday

I am a huge VW fan, and who doesn’t like Gulf livery but this casting/colour combo leaves me wanting. Judge for yourselves.

Teutonic Th(e)ursday Teutonic Th(e)ursday

As Jobjoris pointed out we were little light on the Ze German content on Teusday. That needs to be rectified. Thus I present to you an infestation of Baja Bugs. These little critters can be found in the Down & Dirty series, the 100% Hot Wheels Volkswagen series, the Offroad series and of course there is one STH…

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