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Seems like the last 2 RLC cars have been less desirable... Seems like the last 2 RLC cars have been less desirable...

How else can you explain the Hi Po Hauler still being available and the T1 not being sold out even though there are only 7000 units. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Hippo and managed to snag the T1 (which I think is literally one of the coolest casting in my collection) but I basically have never been able to get my…

The Hippo is here The Hippo is here

Great spectraflame orangy bronze colour. Using my newly acquired paperweight as a base :)

RR 6 Photo dump and some new goodies RR 6 Photo dump and some new goodies

Hey Guys, long time no post. I have been lurking in the background but have just not had the time to be an active member. I hope for some forgiveness with the following RR6 pics. What an amazing event. On a porsche high right now. Eyeballing the Goodwood festival of speed as the next trip.


So far I have sucked at getting this HWEP thing going, but I am not one to give up that easily. I am looking for the shop trucks vw caddy and the 62 custom. I am also interested in other premium trucks/VWs or Porsches. What I have to offer is below. First come first served. If you have nothing to trade we could…

Collection update Collection update

I have been awfully quiet on LALD as of late but that does not mean I have not been keeping my eyes open for new cars to add to the collection. Ultimately I am trying not to let the collection totally take over my (shared) office. I have utterly failed from that perspective. (please see my HWEP post to understand the…

VDH customs VDH customs

Thanks to Philipilhp for the wheels swaps. They look awesome.

Sometimes your collection grows in unusual ways Sometimes your collection grows in unusual ways

HW Amphicars boulevard version and walmart exclusive

Grail Hawl Grail Hawl

All courtesy of ebay.

LaLemans - truck division LaLemans - truck division

This is my first custom combining 2 different vehicles. Used a scooby doo hiway hauler and the engine from a semi fast 2. I love it. Bought a dremel just to make every sit right and cut off the back bumper. It am entering it in the prototype class (it will do at least as well as the delta wing did).

Plasticprints twins Plasticprints twins

Yup you read that right, one of each! :)

Hour rule(ish) Hour rule(ish)

5 spokes, metallic red. Who does it better? Shout out to R32 who put the 5 spokes on the red lancia for making me switch up the RS6.

Its 510 somewhere Its 510 somewhere

Here are some customs for you to enjoy.

Silverado Sunday Silverado Sunday

You all know the situation...

Play Forever Friday Play Forever Friday

Not diecast; but automotive awesomeness nonetheless. Playforever is a British company that makes wicked cars based on racers of old. They are built to be abused and they stand up to it really well. They also just look so good!

I made, nope, mounted a thing I made, nope, mounted a thing

I went out for a ‘wine club’ AKA ‘surprise girls night’ tonight w my wife’s work friends. As retribution I mounted my Carney Plastics 72 car case at 10 pm to her protestations. Filled it in no particular pattern, but I really like the way the angle displays the front and side of the cars. I need to think about what…

Mail find Mail find

I do not regret getting these. Copper head, gasser, silverado and T1 are all stand out models. 510 needs a wheel swap. Any volunteers?

Baja Bruiser Brothers Baja Bruiser Brothers

I have already shown you the Baja Bruiser, I recently picked up his brother. The details in the bed, the ‘bruiser’ on the hood and the solid colour with no distractions make it almost as good as the original RLC.

Lets continue with Truck Thursday Lets continue with Truck Thursday

Power Rangers...I mean Wagons! All metal, real riders, convention and RLC pink. Ticks all the boxes. Love the license plates on them too.

ToyBota ToyBota

Toyota pick up mail in.

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy

What started as a whisper turned to a roar. There is only so long you can ignore this vehicle. This will be one for the ages. Such a great model.

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