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My K Day My K Day

6 collectors. 40 cases. 6 Super Cruella da Ville cars. Very organized, friendly and civil. Each of us got 6 cases and the final 4 were raffled off. We also each got 4 mail in posters each. The case assortments weren’t anything special but I did snag a few extra exclusives if anyone is looking for them.

It's Been A Great Month It's Been A Great Month

The hunt has been strong this month. On top of finding all the Team Transporters multiple times I’ve found two Supers in the wild in one week, totally nuts. Still looking for the Silvia and Corvette. Looking forward to K Day Saturday, hopefully my luck continues. 

Kmart Revelation  Kmart Revelation 

Went into Kmart this morning to badger the store manager, he wasn’t in earlier in the week, boy I’m glad I did. Though there isn’t really anything spectacular in the current Kmart only cases he confirmed that Kday will be on October 20th at the usual AM time. He said he had about 8 cases in the stock roomed marked do…

Candy Corn and MB? Candy Corn and MB?

Glad I made a candy run down the street to Kmart tonight. Fresh stock of everything Matchbox including the working trucks series and power grabs, two or three of everything. Also a forgotten case of Cargo Carriers?

Rennsport Reunion: Photo Dump Rennsport Reunion: Photo Dump

If you follow me on Instagram I apologize for the redundancy but there is a lot here that’s new. I met up with Engineer and Tfritch briefly but unfortunately missed anyone else, to say it was overwhelming is an understatement. I did get to spend some time with Rod Emory and talk with Jeff Zwart. There were many…

Pull Back Pull Back

Found this little 1:44 pull back at the BMW dealer today. I wouldn’t mind this in 1:18. I think BMW should have produced these in 1:1, they would sell every one no doubt, one of the few believable concepts in recent memory. It's a Maisto by the way.

Rennsport Reunion: Custom 935 Rennsport Reunion: Custom 935

Another shameless repost from last year because family and no time to shoot anything new.

Rennsport Reunion: Jager Bombing in a 962 Rennsport Reunion: Jager Bombing in a 962

Shameless repost from last year.

Rennsport Reunion: MOMO 962 and Transporter Rennsport Reunion: MOMO 962 and Transporter

This is hands down my favorite team transporter yet. The truck is amazing as is the 962. I like the card art version of the 962 though with the silver BBS, the black wheels just make it look like a hovercraft. We are living the golden age of Hotwheels if you ask me. Details all around on both casts are outstanding!…

Rennsport Reunion: Emory Special Rennsport Reunion: Emory Special

When I gifted Rod Emory his 1:18 custom I asked only two things from him in exchange. First, a drive up the canyon in his personal 1955 A Coupe. Second, a real 356 Outlaw badge which I swore on my grave to never leave my possession. In fact this was the last one from the original batch and he didn’t plan on making…

Rennsport Reunion: Who let the lizard out? Rennsport Reunion: Who let the lizard out?

Just a one take with my signed poster of all the drivers back in 2009 at ALMS Laguna Seca finale. Sadly the sun bleached out most of the signatures but what can ya do. Might have to have Pat Long sign this AutoArt this weekend even though he drove #44. Any thoughts on having drivers sign models? Yay or nay?

Rennsport Reunion: Le Mans 1998 Rennsport Reunion: Le Mans 1998

The 1st and 2nd place 24 Hour of Le Mans finishing Porsche 911 GT1-98s, car #25 and #26.

Rennsport Reunion: 1996 Sebring 12 Hour Rennsport Reunion: 1996 Sebring 12 Hour

LALD exclusive. The Champion Porsche 993 GT2 EVO, 1996 12 Hours of Sebring class winner, in 1:18 by UT Models. To my knowledge no one here has ever shared this model.

Rennsport Reunion: 1954 550 Spyder Rennsport Reunion: 1954 550 Spyder

AutoArt 1:18 Porsche 550 Spyder 1954 Carrera Panamerica model driven by Hans Hermann, more on him later. Reposted from last years review.

Rennsport Reunion: The Outlaw Rennsport Reunion: The Outlaw

While I’m just as excited to make the 2 hour drive up the coast to Rennsport next weekend to see all of the history from Germany, I’m also excited to see the new history being made out of shop in North Hollywood.

Touring Car Thursday Touring Car Thursday

1998 BMW 320i touring car by UT Models in 1:18 scale. A recent acquisition from Tfritch that is a work in progress, needs some clean up and detailing but overall a great diecast. It sat awkwardly high for touring car so that had to be taken care of asap!

B.Matchbox.W B.Matchbox.W

Some new releases acquired so I brought the rest out to play. BMW M5 and the “i’s”.

6x6x3 6x6x3

Mercedes 6x6 G63 in a few variations. If you look closely, though hard to tell from this angle, they are symbolically arranged.

Throwback Thursday: 90s GT Racing  Throwback Thursday: 90s GT Racing 

Probably the quintessential era of my 1:18 collection, though I prefer the 50s and 60s, is most definitely the 90s. I could seriously line up an impressive starting grid of ‘98 to ‘00 GT and Prototype cars for a fantasy 24 Hours of Le Mans start!

Working Wednesday: Easter Egg Edition  Working Wednesday: Easter Egg Edition 

Matchbox is an interesting brand. Distribution is generally very poor and how they market the brand is brow raising at best. They do however produce some of the best licensed 1:64 for under a buck in my opinion. If you can find them.

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