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Thank God for Abortion at Pride

Viva Ruiz is many things: an artist, a creator, queer, Catholic, and proud to have had two abortions. Thank God for Abortion is the organization Ruiz created in 2015 after abortion clinics nationwide were shuttering due to bureaucratic minefields such as TRAP laws. Her organization created a float to be part of 2018’s…

Celebrating Mastectomy Scars With a Henna Necklace

This Sunday, June 3rd, celebrates National Cancer Survivors Day, a holiday intended to honor life and raise awareness. Back in November, Jezebel invited and henna artist Shirin Charaniya to collaborate with Chiara D’Agostino, who is living with stage 4 triple negative breast cancer and has undergone a double…

Phoebe's 24-Hour Product Diary: This Is My Only Hobby Phoebe's 24-Hour Product Diary: This Is My Only Hobby

I’ll be honest, I think I wear more makeup than my genetically blessed and baby-skinned coworkers. I have rampant adult acne, y’all! It’s OK, I’m not that bitter. Not everyone can radiate sunshine out of their pores. And while I’m not over here wearing a dramatically contoured face everyday (because really who has the…

Director Nia DaCosta Wins at Tribeca and in Our Hearts

Nia DaCosta has known she’s wanted to be a director since she was 16 years old, because, as she put it in our interview, “I realized they’re the ones doing all the ‘stuff.’”

Curve Model Jocelyn Corona Is Here to Stay

“It was never my dream to be a model,” Jocelyn Corona said when she visited the Jezebel studio last week. “It was more like to be like a Miss Universe... I was always thinking that I was too big to be a model, so I was never even thinking of the possibility to become one.”

Catching Up With My TV Friends at L Word Trivia Night

In a Bushwick, Brooklyn venue called Secret Project Robot, about a hundred people, mostly women, cram themselves into an otherwise spacious room and wait for the next question. This is L Word Trivia, a semi-regular queer night started by Minnie Bennett, a filmmaker, and Lily Marotta, an actress/comedian, after the…

A Woman Action Star's Real Achilles Heel

With Thor: Ragnarok hitting theaters November 3rd, Cate Blanchette’s Hela and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie join the ranks of woman action stars who need a little lift to throw down.

Documenting 36 Hair-Raisingly Mundane Years of Ivanka Trump Being Evasive

Today the only first daughter her dad recognizes turns 36 years old. It hardly seems possible that Ivanka Trump even has an age, insofar that she and her family have been thrust unto the American public for what feels like eternity, or eternal damnation. And yet, there is ample documentation of her growth from…

As Fall Beckons, Let's Celebrate 25 Years of the Right to Go Topless in New York

This year marked the 25th anniversary of a woman’s right to go topless in the state of New York. As a lifelong resident of New York, and a 25-year-old myself, I grew up with this law, but only learned of its existence this year. The reason for that is pretty obvious to anyone with boobs—if bare breasts in public are…