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7... 8... 919! 7... 8... 919!

Logically, it’s no surprise that 917 day and 918 day are followed by 919 day. And thanks to the amazing Spark 1/64 models they cutely dubbed “Sparky,” I have something to show!

Porsche 917 Day!  Porsche 917 Day! 

What a great month this is. Next week Porsche Rennsport week, and this week we have three of the most extreme Porsches as well, the 917, 918, and 919.

912 Day? 912 Day?

Maybe cheating but I’ll just call this a 1969 Porsche 912 with a 911 engine in it for today. Works, right??

VDH Customs Commissioned Photoshoot VDH Customs Commissioned Photoshoot

You mostly know him as one of the LaLD OGs, co-founder of #Team118, or simply as Sn210. He works almost exclusively in 1:18, but knowing he could use a challenge, we teamed up for a 1:64 photoshoot. And by “teamed up” I mean that I gave him two cars to shoot and he did literally all the work.

Ferien Friday: Little Porsche Towing a Little House Ferien Friday: Little Porsche Towing a Little House

Pearl-white 356 + tear drop camper = instand getaway! I mean, what more do you need? The camper even has a stove in the back.

I Finished Another Outlaw! I Finished Another Outlaw!

It’s been a while. Or at least, that’s what it feels like. But I think this simple root beer over red example turned out really nice!

Preview of Live and Let Radwood Preview of Live and Let Radwood

We came, we represented, we schmoozed with celebs, we conquered. Much Radness was had!

It's Eddie's Birthday!! It's Eddie's Birthday!!


Teutonic Tuesday: 1972 Porsche ST Teutonic Tuesday: 1972 Porsche ST

As soon as I saw the April 5th story on Petrolicious about a 1972 Porsche 911T-turned-911ST, I knew I had to build it in 1/64 scale. And I finally finished it!

F1 Friday: Headstarter! F1 Friday: Headstarter!

This is definitely my favorite fantasy casting. It’s fun, with just enough realism, motorsports, and iconic liveries.

Ducktail Donnerstag Ducktail Donnerstag

Working on a little ducktail action for a very special commission. Nearly there!

LaLD Running of the Bulls 2018: The Car that (Re)Started It All LaLD Running of the Bulls 2018: The Car that (Re)Started It All

I still don’t remember why I ended up picking it up or displaying it on my desk at work, but it still sits there, now as the companion of about 45 cars and remains one of my favorites. 

Teutonic Tuesday: One That I Did Finish Teutonic Tuesday: One That I Did Finish

It’s a Matchbox Porsche Boxster that is a replica of a guy’s 1:1, complete with roll bar, and dark blue rear bumper, which is impossible to see.

Teutonic Tuesday: WIP Whips Teutonic Tuesday: WIP Whips

Like usual, I have a bunch of projects running concurrently. I’m a little ADD when it comes to customs projects, and always get tempted to jump into the next exciting idea before the last exciting idea is finished. The result is, of course, a list of too many projects to count, sadly causing some delays on things I…


Off Road All of the Things On Friday!!

356 on 187 356 on 187

Crappy phone photos I took about 3 years ago, but the car is a Malibu International 1/87 model, so it counts! :D

Oh, We're just Stanging Around... Oh, We're just Stanging Around...

A couple of Mustangs basking in the sun. NBD, really.

Beware... Beware...

I know it’s Friday, but be careful where you park. Unauthorized cars WILL get towed. VDH Garage ain’t playin’.

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