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Well, kids, it's time to move Well, kids, it's time to move

Shame I had to burn the house down. I’m sure the insurance adjuster will understand.

File to: Things I Should Know By Now File to: Things I Should Know By Now

Item #1: Infiniti made a hard-top convertible version of the G37. Saw one on the road this morning, and I feel like I should have known that these exist, but somehow, here I am today, just learning about them...

A couple concerts coming up this summer A couple concerts coming up this summer

I’d really like to go to both of them, but that may be outta reach.

Turbo single-rotor build Turbo single-rotor build

Been watching this, I’m interested to see what it puts out!

A pirate's life for me

We had plans, for a moment, to move to Utila, Honduras. It was our early retirement plan - wait until the boys move out and get settled on their own, then sell the house in Texas and most of our belongings, and enjoy living on a tropical beach. Maybe get a place big enough that we could rent out a room or two, run a…

Posted this in 2013...

... still getting hits on it.

Reading Comprehension Test Reading Comprehension Test

Humor me, Oppo. I was attempting to buy tires from someone on Fb marketplace, we couldn’t get our schedules to line up during the week, so I suggested meeting on Saturday if the tires weren’t sold by then. I understood that she was in agreement with this.

Buying tires, for cheapskates (like me)

So, I’ve come across a certain peculiarity of Jeep ownership. Those who buy Wranglers tend to upgrade the wheels right away, and then happily part with the stock units, tires included, with very few miles on them.

K-roll? K-roll?

Hey, did you get painted yet?

Well, there goes the tax return Well, there goes the tax return

I, like 75% of Americans, park my car in the driveway and use my garage for storage, so I don’t to in there very often. Found this in the ceiling today:

Current musical obsession Current musical obsession

Late Night Alumni.

Those dirty, dirty angels Those dirty, dirty angels

Bro, do you even QAQC?

Yes. Yes.


A solid groove A solid groove

I’ve been listening to a lot of Late Night Alumni lately. This pretty atypical of me, it’s not really what I usually listen to, but I’ve really been enjoying them.

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