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Dakar Dakar

Lots of good photos here:

Blame ImmoralMinority.... Blame ImmoralMinority....

Girl, you’re a beautiful animal.

Shit-posters, assemble! 

Critically in need of distraction and goofy shit, STAT. Having some really rough thoughts right now, the guys next to me are talking about suicide and hospice care, the music in this restaurant is all depressing for some reason, and I can’t leave until I finish this Pad Thai.

You probably would give me the side-eye... You probably would give me the side-eye...

... given my proclivities. I guess I earned that...

My queen and I My queen and I


One angery boi One angery boi

Having a day, Oppo. I need a soundtrack for burning everything to the ground today.

From FP, of all places From FP, of all places

Silverado truck face on a Camaro works startlingly well!

Smart smart Smart smart

Found out yesterday that my brother, who is an actual astrophysicist, was sold a 2008 smart fortwo for the princely sum of $1 USD.


1- Only

I'll be in my bunk... I'll be in my bunk...

1997 Honda Prelude - 100% Original Stock Base 5-Speed Standard Prelude

Lifted 2nd-gen CR-V Lifted 2nd-gen CR-V

I have always wanted to drive one of these for some reason, realizing that, of course, it’s just a Civic with upright seating. But seeing one lifted like this only makes me want to try it more.

Kanye who? Kanye who?

(EDIT: I didn’t realize that Kanye actually produced this song w/ Talib. Oops.)

Interesting spot this morning Interesting spot this morning

As I’ve mentioned previously, I pass COTA on my way to and from work every day. So I often see some interesting vehicles on their way to the track.

Damn... Damn...

This is gorgeous! Still hope to see a race here someday, considering it’s almost in my back yard.

A new contender...

... for the car market in Vietnam, anyway.

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