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The problem with Toyota.

Lipstick on a pig.

Spring is coming. Spring is coming.

Why do I suddenly have the urge to turn an old rotary into a sprinkler?

Camping conversion Camping conversion

I’m thinking ahead towards summer, and I want to spend more time camping with my boys and wife this year. We’ve got a Sienna and my Tundra, and I’d love to make the Tundra more camp-ready.

Sometimes things don't go your way.

My Jeep has been up on blocks in the garage, some exhaust studs are being stubborn and it’s been too cold to work on it. Besides, I have the Tundra. Or, at least I HAD the tundra.

Simplify and add brightness.

The headlights on my 2003 Tundra are absolutely atrocious, and my friend was recently complaining about the headlights in his 2006 Sienna, so I picked up a set of AC Delco replacement bulbs. Upgrade time!

Good song, cool video Good song, cool video

Serious respect for both these singers.

Imposters Imposters

I just binge watched Imposters. No-spoiler review after the jump

Let's talk about the X4 Let's talk about the X4

Hey BMW. You are pushing a decade old Italian concept car as something new. It’s pathetic.

Paging Immoral

I found your autocross car....

Fuck ice.

Indianapolis woke up yesterday to an eighth inch of ice over everything yesterday. It made skating the kids to the car before church an adventure, and I’m none too happy about my concussion.

Bad credit auto loans

So, necessary business model or scum of the earth?

Damn, I forgot about this band Damn, I forgot about this band

I’m SERIOUSLY digging their 2016 album

This is officially a pun thread. This is officially a pun thread.

Talk about anything you want. But ALL posts must contain at least one automotive related pun.

Would you? Would you?

Scenario: a ridiculously rare and valuable Bugatti has been found in a barn and is being offered for sale, asking price $100,000

Time to wake up Oppo Time to wake up Oppo

I’ve officially been at work for 24 hours straight.

Loving this song Loving this song

I’ve always liked Mat Kearney and have followed him since his first album. His new stuff just works for me.

Hey Oppo liberals...

Politics inside

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