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Watchopnik thoughts? Watchopnik thoughts?

What are your thoughts? Caribbean Joe and was bought for me for over 90% off. Keep in mind I’m 16... this would normally be too bling for me and for HS, but I recently moved to Dubai and some of my classmates wear gold Rolexes and Omegas and shit like that.

Visited Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi the other weekend... Visited Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi the other weekend...

Apart from a few 488s and the odd 599... it wasn’t as impressive but as I thought it’d be. Here’s like, 3 pics cuz y not. Maybe if I tried the coasters?

Can anyone identify this Pontiac? Can anyone identify this Pontiac?

I hope this thing is real... it’s beautiful.

Typical day Typical day

Guess the country! Bonus points for city but that will be more difficult.

Help me Oppo [Solved!]

Google on my computer has recently decided my email has been deleted, while google on my phone thinks it’s still around. I could care less about that if I didn’t have my Kinja account on it (meaning I will only ever be able to access my account on this specific iPhone and never on any other device), so is there any…

Everything wrong with my [Redacted] 

My [Redacted] is so fucking [Redacted] it’s [Redacted] and I’m so ready to sell. It’s as if it’s [Redacted] on my [Redacted]. The [Redacted] SOMEHOW [Redacted] itself on to the [Redacted] and I needed to buy a new [Redacted], meaning I couldn’t afford my [Redacted] for my [Redacted]. [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted]…

My Ferd is best Ferd because fake Boss!

Any Dubai oppos? Any Dubai oppos?

I’ll be moving back to the UAE soon... just wondering what the oppo scene looks like.

Lewis Hamilton just dabbed Lewis Hamilton just dabbed

Just thought you should know.

Guess the car Guess the car

Hint: Crossover



Austrian Grand Prix Results (Spoilers)  Austrian Grand Prix Results (Spoilers) 

Another day, another crazy Formula 1 race. Here’s the final results...

Austrian GP Quali Results (Spoilers) (Exciting stuff) Austrian GP Quali Results (Spoilers) (Exciting stuff)

Not a bad pic, that. Today’s qualifying was very exciting. Full results below.

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