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Is it just me... Is it just me...

...or has the El Camino design aged much more gracefully than it should have?

Tracking database Tracking database

If you’re friendly with any local haunts, encourage them to put something like this on the wall. Pretty cool to see a pin on Nome fucking Alaska, or handwritten notes from Guam and South Korea.

Good night Oppo Good night Oppo

Spectacular sunset Sunday.

Random car show Random car show

Was just cruising by when I spotted this show. No Jeeps, but a few interesting vehicles despite that sad state of affairs. Photo dump follows.

More books I didn’t buy More books I didn’t buy

I was a bit disappointed after seeing the subtitle. The title made me think this could be Torch’s dream book.

50 cars that changed the world 50 cars that changed the world

Models shown after the jump. Nothing later than 1998. Anyone care to make some guesses?

Don't mix 'em Don't mix 'em

ttyymmnn has revealed the magic of Shorpy to me, which led me to Vintagraph, and now I may never escape this rabbit hole of art.

The one that got away The one that got away

When I figure out how to extract the video on my dash cam I can hopefully post a pic of the gorgeous ragtop Bronco I didn’t capture on my phone, but as a consolation prize I saw each of these inside a block.

Mobile Ham (Crackle, not oink)

Found this site while researching mobile communications equipment. Way more to think about than I realized, thought some of you might find it useful.

No teardown, no sale No teardown, no sale

Sorry, Haynes, you dropped the ball with this one.

$100 and a cheap pistol $100 and a cheap pistol

That’s how much Rick spent on this MJ. 4wd and a (Puegot sadly) manual transmission.

Crown Vic Crown Vic

Spotted this morning. Sorry no front shot.

I defy you to look this good when you're this old I defy you to look this good when you're this old

No idea how old it actually is, but this Chevy being worked on today at an auto shop in the tiny town of Gwynneville, Indiana definitely caught my eye as I drove past.

Edumacation, part 3 Edumacation, part 3

Taking the day off, waiting to meet someone to do some GMRS radio testing, figured I could add to the list of books I’ve perused but barely read, this time at the public library.

It’s amazing we’re alive

Reading through this piece on the limitations of human vision and how to cope with them, it’s quite astonishing we haven’t all been in fatal accidents by now.

For sale For sale

Just old enough to be interesting.

Dirt buggy Dirt buggy

1970. Mark traded a 1995 Wrangler for it a month ago. Takes it out on 4x4 trails around here, which if you’ve ever been to eastern Tennessee you may know are no joke.

The very last The very last

Because I’m annoying y’all with food posts this week: I just bought the last two donuts Oscar’s will ever sell. My first visit to this Leesburg Florida institution happens to be my last.

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