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Honest Trailers - Mary Poppins Honest Trailers - Mary Poppins

Just a reminder of how dark and demented the original movie was. And how bad Disney was at live-action movies in that era. And, well, just watch the bloody thing.

English is hard English is hard

Power adpater anyone?

Brown turbo wagon Brown turbo wagon

Update: Rootwyrm says it’s a fraud. Sad. But see the other wagon too.

Oppo truck Oppo truck

CoFL has me looking on CL and this struck me as very interesting. Surely someone here would want a closer look.


Sorry. Been driving behind someone with narrow dim running lights because he thought it was cool to black out his taillights. 

Sandhills Sandhills

The day was so warm I had to set aside my other priorities to hop down to Muscatatuck NWR to see the Sandhill cranes pass through.

Skinnies! Skinnies!

Update: Coker. Thanks everyone.

Chaff update

You may remember the earlier discussion about a 10+ hour cloud of chaff that spread across Indiana and Kentucky. Well, we finally have confirmation that it was a C-130H that dumped it for safety reasons, although precisely what those reasons are hasn’t been clarified.

Mechanical question, not-on-fire edition 

This afternoon I saw something rolling out of the hood of a parked sedan (something nondescript, we’ll call it a 15-year-old Taurus). I walked into the emission to see whether it smelled like anything or was just steam, and sure enough it smelled like burning rubber.

Farewell Felton

For those who don’t regularly follow FP but appreciate Felton’s investigative journalism (die, Goodyear, die), you should know he’s moving on to Consumer Reports.

Side order of asbestos with your childcare?

Just a reminder that corporations can perpetrate widespread evil and lie about it in court with little repercussion.

My kind of Subaru My kind of Subaru

Two-tone 4wd goodness, made here in Indiana. Shame they were such a bust.

BRB, going chocolating BRB, going chocolating

I’ve never been overly fond of mudding in my Jeep, but this would be tempting.

Police car ID? Police car ID?

Circa 1908, Indianapolis police department chief in/on an early police car. Any guesses? I have no idea.

Importing South American FJs Importing South American FJs

I found these articles while visiting Car & Driver, figured there’d be a few people (cough, HHFP) interested in the time/money sink that’s involved in getting an FJ-40 series vehicle imported.

Brake/taillight question

As you may know, I have a bit of a hobby/obsession: warning people when their brake lights are out. This morning I had a two-fer; I jumped out of the Jeep in a parking lot to alert a woman that both her reverse light and CHMSL were out.

Chaff release over the Midwest 

Fascinating story, and one with more questions than answers. It appears the military released a huge amount of chaff yesterday, which lingered on radar for 10 hours.

Renault and the (non-Jag) XJ  Renault and the (non-Jag) XJ 

mkbruin posted this link on the FP Renault/AMC thread. Quite an interesting read; I learned quite a bit about the XJ tonight.

Visualizing the world

Pretty cool look at population density using 3D. Wish this were available to play with.

Save me Save me

Someone buy this M715 so I don’t get tempted.

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