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Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

It’s that time of the week again, the day we come here to squee over all the pets we love. Please share your fur faces!

Are you a WINNER? Are you a WINNER?

A winner of something unexpected & wonderful? I play a scratch~off lottery card very occasionally. The “Bingo” one in my State because it takes awhile. I do it for fun & love the suspense of possibly winning anything at all. I never do :)

Stevie Wonder? Stevie Ray? Stevie Wonder? Stevie Ray?

Yea, Stevie Wonder. And, Stevie Ray. I miss them.

Welcome, New Snout Selectors! Welcome, New Snout Selectors!

We here at Snouter HQ sent out a call for new Snout Selectors a couple of weeks ago to help us with Fur Face Friday. 5 of you volunteered & we are grateful. Yay!

WHY???? WHY????

WHY THE FUCK is Spicer getting all this media attention? WHY? Lying liar is STILL lying & spinning for this illegitimate regime & now he’s doing it on NPR. Oh, and it’s a doozy of obfuscation, revisionist history and oh, yea...LIES!

Camping in Maine tomorrow! (outdoorsy OT)  Camping in Maine tomorrow! (outdoorsy OT) 

We’re taking the rolling home back to our favorite camping place tomorrow; Bath, ME! The campground is right on an estuary that feeds out to the Atlantic, and when the tide goes out, it goes out so far out as to make an acres big sand bar. Which allows us to dig for steamer clams (such a treat)!!! And when the tide…

Unreal... Unreal...

...but all too real.

Injured Paw Injured Paw

I don’t know why the headline is italicized & gave it roughly 3 seconds of my patience to try to fix it. Kinja? Anyway, I can finally use my right thumb tonight (YAY!) to type with both hands. This is one example of autocorrect being a friend not foe.

I think we can all love cheddar cheese elephants I think we can all love cheddar cheese elephants

Just LOOK at that cheese artistry! I wanted to eat their cheddar trunks, but I took peectures for the Bride instead. I was worried she & husband would miss the delicate details of such a Big Day. There were also Bird Sculptures in food, which I boldly pointed out to the photographer, only to receive the Stink Eye. I…

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Greetings, friends. We’re hiring here at Snout Selector HQ!! If you have one Friday per month to devote to the best job in the Kinjaverse, please let us know in the comments.

Sweet dreams, Clarence.  Sweet dreams, Clarence. 

Last surviving member of the 5 Blind Boys of Alabama died today. Their legacy is what legends are made of.

How's your favorite person, or people, or stranger doin' tonight? Not you... but you, too~ How's your favorite person, or people, or stranger doin' tonight? Not you... but you, too~

Ohhh boy, my “person people” are my sisters tonight, and every day anyway. I can’t imagine a world where I could live without their smack in the face humor & wrap around hugs. And their word hug smacks..

What's (about to be) Cookin' ??? What's (about to be) Cookin' ???

American Holiday Weekend Edition! Me & Mr. 4th are hosting a BBQ on Saturday & I’m getting our menu in order. I’ll show my list below.

Fur Face Friday!! (ETA: "pending" is screwed?...) Fur Face Friday!! (ETA: "pending" is screwed?...)

Come in and snuggle today, our friends old & new! (Virtual) cookies & milk for everyone! I nearly perished from cute while picking the snouts from facw’s post last week to feature in this weeks edition. Wooof....ETA continued:

What's Cookin'? (Open thread) What's Cookin'? (Open thread)

Welp, my at least 25 year old Braun food processor went out in a blaze of smokey glory tonight, tripping the breaker on her way. Lucky there was only smoke & no fire. Ooooof, I loved that kitchen machine.

Wheels up at 4pm tomorrow Wheels up at 4pm tomorrow

after work...for a Rolling Home Adventure. So many State Parks & so little time. You’ll be glad to know the dawgs are allowed & coming with us (except for Wally: he’s so loud & needy. He’s camping out with his other people, in a different way.)

I've moved the "Ethics" post ...

to outer space, based on the excellent advice that I ASKED FOR here. Know that I deeply appreciate your help in keeping me from committing a felony & going to jail.

Math problems.... Math problems....

Holy Shit!!! How do you geniuses manage to reconcile your numbers every f***ing day? It took me 2 days to do what you all do in a hot minute. After too many hours, I’m pretty sure I got the Math Problems right in the end.

9 pound Stripah! aka: What's cookin'? 9 pound Stripah! aka: What's cookin'?

After catching a 7 pounder on Monday, he caught this beauty today. My mouth & stomach are so fuckin’ happy. Then I get to boop this man in places other than his nose :)

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Better late than never! There was way too much cute from facw’s post last week, hoo boy. Snouting is hard!

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