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Givin' it up for Halloweener... Givin' it up for Halloweener... pumpkin biscuit recipe for your dog pals. Sorry, CATS ! Me~owlll all you want but today is a dawg~day. Your day will come another time when it’s not pumpkin season :)

What's cookin'? (and open thread) What's cookin'? (and open thread)

Tonight it’s a leftover cold chicken or grilled cheese & tomato sandwich. I made brownie pucks last night & have a half dozen left. YAY for chocolate as a TV snack!

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Greetings, animal loving friends. Hooooo~boy howdy, can we use some cute fur faces today. Bring the bellies & the bleps!!!

Youse guise.... Youse guise....

Holy shit. I paid off my mortgage today.

I needs advices! I needs advices!

I know it’s late; I’ve been baking dog biscuits for too many hours. I’m waiting for one more batch in the oven to finish & have one more waiting on deck to go in. More telling is this whole week has ENRAGED me. I’m an angry, defiant, emotional mess, dripping tears over everything & nothing at the same time while…

Wedding days & what to do? Wedding days & what to do?

We’re going to Austin, Texas for a hometown wedding this week...Yay!

I know I'm not alone in this  (t.w.~everything) I know I'm not alone in this  (t.w.~everything)

I always shut down & pull my memories close to my chest; check out of my current life & plan a run~away to anywhere. Being alone with my thoughts & heart has been a kind of shelter for 17 years. I know this is a weak & selfish response. I know that.

Funerals~ Funerals~

No words exchanged, only eye talk & tiny hand signals & elbow nudges...

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Greetings! It’s that time of the week again!

I Hulked!! I Hulked!!

I spent 9 summers in my house without an air conditioner. I was young & able to sleep through the sweat & hang around in my underpants fanning myself. It just didn’t occur to me to buy one. Until it did!!

McCain... McCain...

Shit, I have had a fair amount of animosity directed at John McCain since at least the 2008 election. Before he died. Before all of the legacy talk. He DID unleash Sarah Palin & that was some fuckery. I don’t buy into the narrative that she alone paved the way for Trump, though I think she helped. I think those seeds…

Heatwave finally broke... Heatwave finally broke...

...hoooo weeeee! It has to be at least 30 days since I’ve opened all my windows & doors. The dog boys are enjoying the porch & my new open door dog policy that allows them to come & go, & I’m enjoying a fucking BREEZE!!

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

It’s that time of the week again, the day we come here to squee over all the pets we love. Please share your fur faces!

Are you a WINNER? Are you a WINNER?

A winner of something unexpected & wonderful? I play a scratch~off lottery card very occasionally. The “Bingo” one in my State because it takes awhile. I do it for fun & love the suspense of possibly winning anything at all. I never do :)

Stevie Wonder? Stevie Ray? Stevie Wonder? Stevie Ray?

Yea, Stevie Wonder. And, Stevie Ray. I miss them.

Welcome, New Snout Selectors! Welcome, New Snout Selectors!

We here at Snouter HQ sent out a call for new Snout Selectors a couple of weeks ago to help us with Fur Face Friday. 5 of you volunteered & we are grateful. Yay!

WHY???? WHY????

WHY THE FUCK is Spicer getting all this media attention? WHY? Lying liar is STILL lying & spinning for this illegitimate regime & now he’s doing it on NPR. Oh, and it’s a doozy of obfuscation, revisionist history and oh, yea...LIES!

Camping in Maine tomorrow! (outdoorsy OT)  Camping in Maine tomorrow! (outdoorsy OT) 

We’re taking the rolling home back to our favorite camping place tomorrow; Bath, ME! The campground is right on an estuary that feeds out to the Atlantic, and when the tide goes out, it goes out so far out as to make an acres big sand bar. Which allows us to dig for steamer clams (such a treat)!!! And when the tide…

Unreal... Unreal...

...but all too real.

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