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Bioshock Infinite : Tribute to Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite : Tribute to Elizabeth

I consider Bioshock Infinite to simply be art. These are such jewels that gave me the strength and courage to sacrifice 4 years of my life to make a videogame myself, so I thought it would deserve a personal tribute. These are chosen moments from personal play sessions I recorded. A truly amazing short about the future of Augmented Reality, and achievements ...

This is awesome :)

In response to the stupid amount of Slenderman projects that Parsec's Slender made pop, an hilarious satyre was created some time ago on Unity forums, called Slenderman : The Slendering.

First Person Shooters, or the same point-and-click game experience since 1989. Epic visual show made with Kinect.

The Hitman : Absolution Nun trailer has become real !