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4th of July food thread! 4th of July food thread!

Whether you’re feeling patriotic or are really bummed about the state of the country (or don’t live here, which A. lucky you and B. you’re totally welcome in this thread), we all still gotta eat. So what’s cookin’/grillin’/bein’ delivered today?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is canceled and everything is garbage Brooklyn Nine-Nine is canceled and everything is garbage

FOX wants to add a “NFL show” to their lineup in a few months so they canceled B99, Last Man On Earth, and The Mick. Netflix and/or Hulu, get to work because I’m crying over the cancelation of a show.

Wednesday Whine (OT)

So I planned on making potato soup for dinner tonight. It’s snowing, the soup is hearty and great for cold days, we were planning on having the leftovers tomorrow night, I bought bread bowls, I was really looking forward to it. Last night HV was in charge of dinner because I was at my support group, and that meal also…

Snowy day eats (OT)

Happy snowy Tuesday, all! Since I know a bunch of us are getting snow yesterday/today/tonight, I want to know what’s cooking!

Holiday food thread!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all were able to spend the holidays with people who treat you well and value you! I’m curious about what kinds of amazing things we ate, so that I can get inspo for next year 😉

Last night’s vent post has been POOFed

Thanks for venting with me, everyone! Happy Friday!

It’s really happening!!!!! (Afternoon OT) It’s really happening!!!!! (Afternoon OT)

I had my first appointment at the fertility clinic today and it went well!! Some medical stuff after the Pemi spacer. If you don’t want to read about my ovaries feel free to use the comments for whatever!

4:20 on Thanksgiving morning...

...and I’m already super annoyed! I found out yesterday that our friend was coming for dinner. Fine, whatever, he just forgot to text me. I’m making beef stew which was already going to be enough for many people, made some cookie dough last night, HV and I did a light tidy that I’m going to finish today.

Sunday Night Brag Thread Sunday Night Brag Thread

Hey! It’s Sunday and the world at large is pretty shit, but we’re pretty awesome! What are you proud of this week, GT? It can be as big or small as you want.

Did anyone else just get an email from the VP?? Did anyone else just get an email from the VP??

Because WHAT THE FUCK. I think it’s because I signed petitions to have Orange Foolius release his tax returns or something? Here’s the text in full (sorry for any formatting issues, I’m on mobile):

Have we had an OT today? Non-politics OT

Story time! Feel free to ignore it and talk about whatever haha

Fuck this guy and the horse he rode in on

So I’m a nanny who “just” takes care of the kids. People (mostly men) like him piss me the FUCK off. Of course taking care of kids is real work! But I’m going to take a wild guess and suggest that this guy never changed a diaper or took care of his kids for more than a few hours at a time because that’s “women’s…

How do I learn to makeup? And beauty OT

I want to learn how to makeup. Part of it is because I’m 25 and I feel like I should know how to do things. The other part is that my new glasses show off much more of my eye area, which means my genetic bags are more visible and it’s bothering me a bit. My mom doesn’t really do “girly things” because they’re “bad,”…

Weird things that shaped your childhood (and OT) Weird things that shaped your childhood (and OT)

I was reading Cracked (as one does when they’re awake at 4 am) and they posted an article of classic TV shows that had one super-weird episode. As I was going through the list it looked like the only one I’d seen was the M.A.S.H. episode “Dreams” until I got to this one PBS show called Ghostwriter. Apparently it was…

On disliking the native son

Or, Why I'm trolling my home state's meme page.