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dealers.. dealers..

My old car I traded in for $1,500 went from $5,900 to $3,400 in two weeks. I bought it in 2012 for $5,500. It needs about $2M in work, maybe they realize that now.

New Ride Update New Ride Update

Why do 2wd Jeeps exist?

Hi all  Hi all 

It has been a while. I ended up selling the Lincoln.. Now I’m feeling pretty nostalgic. Currently stuck in automotive purgatory driving a base 2011 Grand Cherokee:(

What would you guys say? What would you guys say?

If I bought one of these.

Any frequent flyers? Any frequent flyers?

What’s the best way to bring a suit?


I always wonder who falls for those Craigslist scams. It’s unfortunate people have to learn the hard way. Just looking on the first page of my hometown Craigslist and there are 10 fraudulent ads. Sick.

I've seen it all today I've seen it all today

Yes that weather stuff is connected to the Grand AM.

Among the sea of bland.


Sitting in my car

Procrastinating going into the gym. A/C just gave out on my drivers side. Now blowing really really hot air. It’s like my car knows I’m a lazy pos.

Goodnight Goodnight

You will all have a good day tomorrow.

Ended up getting one of these Ended up getting one of these

And a terrible cold. Pretty good timing actually. I will be calling in sick tomorrow.

Whoever recommended this on here Whoever recommended this on here

Thanks, it was pretty good. Got it for a few guys at work and they liked it as well.

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