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The Epic Mansplainer took another swing at Dr. Jen Gunter

If I remember correctly, the epic Mansplainer who *could* (and who definitely DID!😳) was shared here in the last couple weeks.

Pokemon Go Special Research Event--Clamperl Pokemon Go Special Research Event--Clamperl

Hiya GT Pokemon Go players, this weekend is the Clamperl Special Research event!

Fashion grumbles, award season edition

As we all know, it’s awards season, and celebrities & designers are breaking out the good stuff, when it comes to fashion.

Pokemon Go Feebas Day

Hiya GT PoGo players! Don’t forget (like I almost did!🤣) that TODAY is the Feebas event!

Pokemon Go Community Day--Totodile/Crocnaw/Feralgator

Howdy GT! For all you Pokemon Go players, don’t forget that today is Community Day, featuring the Feralgator evolutions.

New Year's Good Things Post

Happy New Year, GT!

Pokemon Go Community Weekend Pokemon Go Community Weekend

For all of our Pokemon Go players, don’t forget that this weekend is “Community Weekend”!

Good Things 11/28/18

What’s good near YOU tonight, GT?

Good Things Post11/22/18

What’s Good for you this week, GT?

Good Things 11/15/18

What’s good near YOU today, GT?

Pokemon Go Community Day- Pokemon Go Community Day-

Howdy all! For those of you who still play Pokemon Go, are you going out for Community Day today?

Sudden Move, Advice?

Hiya GT, if y’all wouldn’t mind, I could use some advice from the hivemind.

Good Things Post Election Night, 2018 

What’s good near YOU tonight, GT?

Good Things & Self Care 11/5/18

Howdy GT, what was good for YOU today?

Good Things 11/3/18-11/4/18

What was good for YOU this weekend, GT?

Good Things Post, 11/2/18

What’s good near you today, GT?

Good Things, 11/1/18

Alright y’all, at least until the day after the election (no matter who wins), let’s do some searching for Good Things, to keep folks’ spirits up & help counteract the torrent of awful.

Good Things Post10/31/18 Good Things Post10/31/18

What’s good for you lately, GT?

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