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Late Night Good things post 5/6/18

Howdy GT, what’s good with YOU lately?

Things get interesting in the MN Senate race!

Regular Twitter contributor, former GW Bush Ethics Lawyer, Longtime Republican, Trump Administration critic, and b.s.-fighter extraordinaire @RWPUSA—aka Richard Painter—has announced that he is running for the US Senate.

Vent Post 4/22/18

Here’s the vent post—a place to put down your vents, annoyances, & frustrations.

Good Things Post 4/22/18

Hiya GT, it’s been a while, so here’s s Good Things post (Vent Post will be separate!).

Teachers & college grads, how did you make it through?

Howdy y’all, I’ve got a question for the folks who went into teaching or made it through any major, really,

ACEs and Childhood Traumas--a GREAT listen!

Minnesota Public Radio has a monthly broadcast called the “Westminster Town Hall Forum” where they bring a speaker/author/expert in to talk about a topic and inform listeners.

Need to Vent?(Vent Post OT)

Hiya GT, How’s things?

Evening Whinge/Vent Post

Here’s a place to whinge, for anyone who’s feeling a bit frustrated today, Big Stuff, Little Things, just things you needa get out of your system, bring ‘em and we can commiserate😉

Good things Post 3/4/18

Howdy GT, Good Things post goes here—i’m going to do a whinge/vent post, too, on another thread (‘cuz i need a bit of a vent today!).

Good Things, 2/12/18

Howdy y’all!

For those of y'all who like to play app games, a Thiel alert:

From Ashley Feinberg, former Gawker writer, and current HuffPo Senior Reporter

Bad Roommate Stories

Alright GT, most of you have had at least one!

Late Night Good Things, 1/24/18

Howdy, GT, what’s been good around You?

Dog Advice?

Hi All, some of y’all know that i’m dealing with a bad roommate situation, and that one of my roommates threatened to kill my dog, Lily.

Good Things, 12/20/17

Alright GT, we know what’s WRONG in the world lately*

What were the movies which impacted your childhood, GT?

The Root’s lovely Tweet & Happy Birthday wishes to the divine Ms. Cicely Tyson reminded me of the first movie i remember seeing her in (one i saw many times, and LOVED her in!), The Autobiography of Miss Jame Pittman.

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