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What's your inane brain-stumper, GT?

Bright to you by the fact that my roommie is gone, and I’ve been watching her dachshunds all weekend,

Things you WANT to like, but just can't, and why?

The combination of the Lifestyle Brand post* and this tweet which came across my feed today made me wonder today—

Did y'all SEE this nonsense today?!?

Basically, college professor writing for Forbes makes the argument that we should just give up on Public Libraries, and simply let Amazon create library services for people.

Good things post 7/22/18 Good things post 7/22/18

What’s good with YOU today (or recently anyway!) GT?(TW—trump pic below! So cute spacer here:

Speculation party time! Speculation party time!

So what do YOU think the dirt is that Putin & co. have on Trump, if any?

4th of July Vent Post

What’s bugging YOU tonight, GT?

For those of y'all who need a late night Good Thing, Twitter's  #secondcivilwarletters

Alex Jones wound up the right with his newest conspiracy theory, that folks on the left are going to start a second civil war on the 4th.

What's YOUR best deal lately, GT?

What’s YOUR most recent *Best Deal* that YOU have found or purchased, GT?

Good Things, 6/17/18 Good Things, 6/17/18

What’s good near YOU, GT?

What* expensive item which you've purchased has made you happiest, GT?(*non-car, non-house, non-computer) What* expensive item which you've purchased has made you happiest, GT?(*non-car, non-house, non-computer)

What did YOU get, which you use regularly/semi-regularly and love, GT?

Good Things 6/8/2018 Good Things 6/8/2018

It’s been a rough week, and lots of us seem to have been hit pretty hard by today’s news about Anthony Bourdain.

Cheap (but good!) eats

Hiya GT, random question/mini quiz time:

Late Night Good things post 5/6/18

Howdy GT, what’s good with YOU lately?

Things get interesting in the MN Senate race!

Regular Twitter contributor, former GW Bush Ethics Lawyer, Longtime Republican, Trump Administration critic, and b.s.-fighter extraordinaire @RWPUSA—aka Richard Painter—has announced that he is running for the US Senate.

Vent Post 4/22/18

Here’s the vent post—a place to put down your vents, annoyances, & frustrations.

Good Things Post 4/22/18

Hiya GT, it’s been a while, so here’s s Good Things post (Vent Post will be separate!).

Teachers & college grads, how did you make it through?

Howdy y’all, I’ve got a question for the folks who went into teaching or made it through any major, really,

ACEs and Childhood Traumas--a GREAT listen!

Minnesota Public Radio has a monthly broadcast called the “Westminster Town Hall Forum” where they bring a speaker/author/expert in to talk about a topic and inform listeners.

Need to Vent?(Vent Post OT)

Hiya GT, How’s things?

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