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Good Things, 2/12/18

Howdy y’all!

For those of y'all who like to play app games, a Thiel alert:

From Ashley Feinberg, former Gawker writer, and current HuffPo Senior Reporter

Bad Roommate Stories

Alright GT, most of you have had at least one!

Late Night Good Things, 1/24/18

Howdy, GT, what’s been good around You?

Dog Advice?

Hi All, some of y’all know that i’m dealing with a bad roommate situation, and that one of my roommates threatened to kill my dog, Lily.

Good Things, 12/20/17

Alright GT, we know what’s WRONG in the world lately*

What were the movies which impacted your childhood, GT?

The Root’s lovely Tweet & Happy Birthday wishes to the divine Ms. Cicely Tyson reminded me of the first movie i remember seeing her in (one i saw many times, and LOVED her in!), The Autobiography of Miss Jame Pittman.

Good Things, 12/9/17

What’s been good near you lately GT?

Late Night/Early Morning OT, and query

Howdy all, since we don’t seem to have a regular OT open right now, i figured i’d start one.

Good Things 11/30/17

Hiya GT, we all know some horrible things are going down lately, but there IS good in the world, too.

Good Things Post, 11/18/17

What’s good around YOU today, GT?

Tuesday Tweet Beat & OT

Backing up Lurker , who mentioned being unable to post one today,

Again🙁Shooting in CA, one of the (Multiple) sites appears to be an elementary school, TW, of course, because of fatalities.

This was the first tweet i saw on my timeline, about parents stuck behind the lines, wondering, waiting, and hoping that their child is one of the ones who is ok:

Toxic Masculinity, Domestic Violence, this latest tragedy in TX, how the Authorities just.don't.get.it sometimes (and, frankly, can make bad situations even WORSE for victims of horrible situations!)🙁

As i was driving home from the pulltab booth job tonight, i heard part of an earlier news conference which gave updates on the number of magazines found in the church (15, of 30 rounds each), on MPR/NPR.

Another major document drop by the ICIJ (The Journalists who worked together worldwide to drop the Panama Papers):

I’m at work, so can’t really dig through this for a few hours yet, but an ICIJ tweet crossed my timeline, and i signed up for their maling list.... looks like perhaps just in time?🤔

Little Splurges

Inspired by HH’s “Treat Yourself” post, and I am calm’s “Fancy Things & Places” one, What are things that you get yourself now that you have decided are just worth it?

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