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Mini GT by TSM is Coming Mini GT by TSM is Coming

Supposedly they’re becoming available very soon and judging by this shot, they will be quite detailed. I can’t wait.

Stay Trucking Sunday; Rising Sun Style Stay Trucking Sunday; Rising Sun Style

Just scouting some terrain for the next safari :D

Super Saturday Special Shovel Showcase Super Saturday Special Shovel Showcase

I had a bit of a mail call this week. I’m really impressed by the Charger Daytonas from Ertl and their opening trunk feature. Anyway, this fed my muscle car appetite... for now;) Oh, and I made a shovel, too:D I wanna start making some more things in 1/64 scale. I’ve always been fascinated with miniatures.

Auto World Hour Rule Auto World Hour Rule

Just a harmless little fish called a Barracuda :D

When Your Friends Get Pulled Over When Your Friends Get Pulled Over

Do you keep going or stop? We stopped, to stretch legs and take pictures :D

Hour Rule Exotics Hour Rule Exotics

I love that blue color:)

Mopar Hour Rule Mopar Hour Rule

You know Kowalski is a happy camper, just by looking at what’s in the garage. Mopar or no car.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

So, I put a warning sign on the abandoned boardwalk. aaaand... Pagani :D

Rivals Rivals

A couple more additions to the stable :D

Is It Me, Or... Is It Me, Or...

Do we not see too much Auto World, here on LaLD? I find them to be very nice. I’d even venture to say that they are the nicest American diecast cars. I recently found a few on the pegs:

Tarmac Works Announces RWB 993 Tarmac Works Announces RWB 993

They’re coming!:D After seeing the quality they produce, I can’t wait for these. Between waiting for Mini GT by TSM and these new castings, it feels like I’ve been waiting forEVVERRR....

The Marshalls Came, Today The Marshalls Came, Today

They were looking for John Wick. Instead, they cornered Kowalski in his car. Big mistake. Burnouts in reverse, anyone?:p

Wheelswap Wednesday 4 This Series 2A Wheelswap Wednesday 4 This Series 2A

I got my hands on someone’s attempt at a custom (they tried to paint it), last summer. I stopped at Playdays Collectibles when I was in LA for a few months, and I was looking for these castings. I wanted to keep the paint and just make it look aged and ratty, but functioning (I made the suspension, rack, bar and gas…

Teutonic Tuesday?? Teutonic Tuesday??

Lamborghini is owned by VW so it counts lol There’s always something going on around the back of Kowalski’s. Especially around the back;)

Kowalski Has Been Upgraded Kowalski Has Been Upgraded

Kowalski got two upgrades this past week, and that leaves me with one more thing to add. Here’s how it looks, for now. I’m no diorama expert. It’s a WIP, but I hope you like it!:)

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Rotors and calipers in 1/64 scale.  o.O

V12... Mmmm... Tasty. V12... Mmmm... Tasty.

I’ve been stuck on this car, this week. 1/64 scale, but the details are a delight. I hope you enjoy!

I Did A Thing I Did A Thing

Ummm... here’s my thing. I hope you like it :D

Freestyle Friday Fanaticism  Freestyle Friday Fanaticism 

Yes, fanaticism. I couldn’t help myself, once I saw these online. The company is called Grani & Partners. I would say they’re at the level of Kyosho. Some of you may have seen some of these on IG (I think pocketcarz has shot some). So, I pulled the trigger on a set of 12 cars: 4 Bugattis, 4 Paganis, and 4 McLarens.…

Half Hour Rule Half Hour Rule

Kowalski got his hands on a free Generac off Craigslist. He installed it himself. Pretty soon, he’ll be totally off the grid(:

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