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Rennsport Reunion: Snow White Rennsport Reunion: Snow White

I haven’t been around for so long, that when I had a chance to stop in... I couldn’t resist:)

Tuetonic Triple Threat Tuesday Tuetonic Triple Threat Tuesday

Boy, do I love Tarmac Works. Only one shot of the Audi R8, but silver is really a nice color for diecast, no?:)

Tarmac Works M6 GT car!

It’s coming:)

#mydiecastlifetour The Blue Demon #mydiecastlifetour The Blue Demon

I had the opportunity to be in Ft. Lauderdale for a week, on a work related trip. I took The Blue Demon with me, this time. These are all I managed to snap, but I hope you like em! For more pics of previous trips, you can checkout that hashtag on IG;)


I thought these wheels were a nice fit :)

Hour Rule Hour Rule

To get to Kowalski’s, you have to go over the river and through the woods. Here he is on his way back from a parts run with the lads in back(:

Mail's Here! Mail's Here!

On IG, I’m a part of a ‘crew’ and many of us used to write (graffiti). I, myself, wasn’t nearly as prolific (one mural) but I always had an interest in cartooning, calligraphy, and art overall. So, I had the idea to pass around one of these Greenlight trucks. It’s been state to state, but still has a few more to go! I…

Teutonic Tuesday Revisited Teutonic Tuesday Revisited

I did it again. I made another Gulf liveried 991.1. My hands were very shaky, this time around. I know why, too. Next time I’m in that situation, I will have to just use masking tape. That will be a first. Well, here it is. I hope you still like it!:)

Hour Rule: Guardrail  Hour Rule: Guardrail 

Say whuuuuut... The county came and installed a guardrail at Kowalski’s, over the weekend. Then, every drunk in the area proceeded to take their turn on it during evening hours... now Kowalski and I are stuck with this:

Winged Wednesday Winged Wednesday

I’ve added two more Bentley GT3 race cars to my collection, quietly regretting I didn’t add the other new ones as well. I hope you enjoy!

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Write me a ticket, why dontcha?

Teutonic Tuesday Triple Threat (image heavy) Teutonic Tuesday Triple Threat (image heavy)

I recently received two GT3 RS models and two Bentley GT cars (saving those for later) from Sparky, and I love em! However, I also ruined a Majorette 918 Spyder Prototype while trying to add detail, so I decided I would grab another one (aaaaand i messed that up, too. can you tell??) and the ruined one would become…

Murica Monday: C6 Corvette Murica Monday: C6 Corvette

I really like the job Auto World did with this casting. I sure hope they do the C7... or at least add to their catalogue!

Wheelswap Wednesday Wicked Outlaw Wheelswap Wednesday Wicked Outlaw

I was reminded, yesterday, that I have the Gulf livery. Did you know it is actually a different tool? I didn’t realize it, until today. Overall, I believe the RLC is way overpriced. I fixed up the tampos on the Outlaw a little bit:) I hope you enjoy!

Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday

Two of my favorite versions of this casting(:

Hour Rule: Bulls from Chicago Hour Rule: Bulls from Chicago

...but not Chicago Bulls(:

Ford Friday Mix Ford Friday Mix

Just a few shots of some of the Fords in my collection. I believe Greenlight makes the best Ford GT in 1/64 scale. Mini GT by TSM is coming out with a 1/64 line and in it will be the GTE version of this car. I can’t wait for that!

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