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Things that are small Things that are small

The power band of a 1967 Suzuki RK67. It occupied the 500 rpm between 17,000 and 17,500.

Taxi! Taxi!

These were beloved by taxi drivers here once. Not too many more passengers for this specimen though.

That's an odd looking train That's an odd looking train

That would be because it’s a train composed entirely of locomotives. Eight new Siemens Vectrons being hauled from Munich where they were built to Sweden. They’ll be taken north through Germany to Denmark, across the bridge to Sweden and thence further north as needed with various changes of towing loco depending on…

17/3! 17/3!

Time for....no, not funny green hats and all that.

Another thing rarely seen Another thing rarely seen

A small aluminium thing with a 1.4l diesel triple. You don’t see them every day. Actually, you’ve probably never seen one. Me, I see them now and again.

A trio rarely seen A trio rarely seen

A brace of Alfa 156s and a Renault Vel Satis. How much more exciting can life become?

13/3! 13/3!

Time for an obscure Fiat or, as it was more commonly sold, a Seat. The 133 was an update of the 850 and the main objective of its designers was that it be cheap.

12/3! 12/3!

In honour of the day that’s in it.

Things of which there were two Things of which there were two

You don’t often come across V4s in cars. There was the Ford one used in the Saab 96 and....the other Ford one. Yes, they did two at the same time. The Cologne, from, er...Cologne and the Essex, from....Essex. By coincidence, kind of, as Ford UK called many of their engines after English counties.

Things you learn, pt 1 Things you learn, pt 1

North American Volvo trucks have extra JDM style mirrors. No, I have no idea.

TG 2018 TG 2018

Want to see more of this?

A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

One of these. New to me.

Wagon Wednesday! Wagon Wednesday!

Courtesy of Mr Ford and his Escorts Mk1 to Mk4.

6/03! 6/03!

Time for the Peugeot 603 then. Except that sadly there wasn’t one.

Things you didn't know Things you didn't know

This thing with a sticky-out front is a Shinkansen N700 high speed train, used on several routes in Japan.

5/03! 5/03!

Today we visit the obscure BMW 503, built in the 1950s for the purpose of relieving Americans of their money. Sadly for its makers neither it nor the related 507 succeeded in this laudable objective. Until now of course, if you’ve been keeping an eye on values.

4/03! 4/03!

Another day brought to you by Peugeot. For a change my own picture too.

2/03! 2/03!

Ce jour est présenté par la Peugeot 203.

1/03! 1/03!

A Peugeot, but not of the type expected. Note patriotic red, white and blue.

28/2! 28/2!

Time to head for the skies, vertically, slowly and a long time ago.

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