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Oh hey. 

Just checking in. Everything is horrible on this end. If anybody needs to vent, I’m conscious for a few more hours. I’m excellent at problems. Yours, not his. He’s beyond help.

Bird Flew

I felt the atmosphere collapse and I allowed it; I believed I’d feel stronger soon. But I don’t. I feel worse, smaller, like my cells don’t know how to reorganize into a person. Little things compound my panic and I can’t feel my feet. I’m thinking like my four-year-old self, catastrophic and irrational.

In Baghdad Dreaming of Cairo, In Cairo Dreaming of Baghdad

No more muffled drums! Uncover the drumheads! Plant your flag in an open field! No more timid peeking around. Either you see the Beloved, or you lose your head! If your throat’s not ready for that Wine, cut it! If your eyes don’t want the fullness of Union, let them turn white with disease. Either this deep desire of…

Modern Fables

I’m writing a book of modern fables, and I want your input. I have two good stories, but I want three. I tell a story of a snake who saves the day, and a story of how the peacock got its voice. I need one more weird true thing. I’m wrestling with an idea about the pansy, which has no scent—I think it was stolen in a…

Bee Dream

There was nothing that had to happen at all. This was the dream. No footfalls nearing while your own legs fail, dragged back by the soup air near the ground, that old honeyfoot. It wasn’t like that. You aren’t late for anything. There isn’t any sudden nudity or terrified unpreparedness for the exam, no precipice, no…

All Good People

Now is the time for all good [people] to come to the aid of the party.

I ran so hard

So somebody just tried to steal two packages from my doorstep. I watched him do it from inside, and once I realized what was happening, I ran outside. Then I’m on the sidewalk screaming, “HEY! HEY!! STOP!!”

Couple-Few Things

First of all, Donald totally gripped Ivanka’s hips like a lover, while pecking the cheeks of his wife and holding her arms to stave off surprise intimacy. Second, that RNC audience was like a cruise ship run aground at a KKK rally. Third, Donald praises two of his children and ignores Tiffany, and I’m sure being the…

Thoughts and Prayers Aside

The morning after Orlando, well-wishing is insufficient. The morning after, sympathy is easy. Fighting bigotry on the ground is work, and each person who supports marginalized groups must do that dirty good work. Every single day.

Maybe Miss Havisham

My teenaged upstairs neighbor asked me to be her photography subject for a school project and I immediately thought, “Oh, because I look like an old timey movie star! Yes, let’s do that. In black and white with attractive shadows. Get some.”

Found Things

Found this rain-withered diary page in my rosemary bushes. New purpose: find this man and buy him a pedometer.

We Were Best Friends a Time Ago

But now you have been with a physical abuser for so many ugly years, and I don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve already said everything, and nothing mattered. Today you said that your life reminds you of growing up, how your dad was a total violent nightmare. I didn’t understand how you could explain that and then…

About Your Funky Religion

I don’t know what’s going on, but I just got a shitton of spammy followers all promising to save me from myself as long as I become a vegan. What is going on? Who ARE you people? How did you find me...? What is life?

Um Excuse Me, Um

So I was just at the store, and all the candies were on the ground. “What happened?” I asked.

Ugh, Can You Not Try To Destroy Us?

She’ll be a sane president and will continue the slow slog toward full rights. And if anybody tells you it’s not a slow slog, ignore that person. She will name very sane justices and ensure decades of progressive movement.

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