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These FiST deals These FiST deals

Are getting too good to ignore.

Happy New Year! Happy New Year!


CL Gold: BMW joke inside

So Stef’s drift video post, which does have a seriously cool drift video you should go watch, got me over to the ol’ CL browsing for drift beaters, and I found some CL content gold.

Baja 1000 action in theaters! Baja 1000 action in theaters!

Dust 2 Glory, the “sequel” to the fantastic Dana Brown documentary Dust to Glory, is going to be in select theaters across the country tomorrow night! The film covers the 2016 race, and if Dana’s previous films are anything to go by it will be absolutely fantastic. Let’s pack some theaters, showing them that featuring…

Go home, CoPart Go home, CoPart

You’re drunk.

Hey Oppo,

Teach me about the 2nd gen Equinox.

New Project Progress New Project Progress

Started building an RC drift car this week, the first RC car I’ve ever built. (Owned a RTR truggy in the past) Here’s the progress so far:

Hello Oppo-friends Hello Oppo-friends

haven’t posted on here in nearly 3 months. Life, man... So I figured I’d make a comeback on my birthday! Got to play in some puddles over the weekend. :D

It seems like kind of a lot It seems like kind of a lot

But damn if that ain’t one clean Miater.

Ich fuhr den Nürburgring! Ich fuhr den Nürburgring!

Check 1 of my top 3 bucket list items off. ✓

Today facebook reminded me Today facebook reminded me

That three years ago I unintentionally made the best iRacing livery ever.

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