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Sad news 

Hey everyone,

Engaged!  Engaged! 

Hello lovely Groupthinkers!

tearjerking adverts, holiday addition!  tearjerking adverts, holiday addition! 

Westjet is a Canadian airline and they put out this video showing a holiday celebration they put on for a town who had suffered a devastating, terrifying forest fire. So sweet, so many tears.

WWGTD? Advice, please?  WWGTD? Advice, please? 

Feel free to add your own question too but here’s a thing for your consideration:

Air Canada is Happy to Serve You Air Canada is Happy to Serve You

I’m sick, spent 15 hours travelling yesterday and had to say goodbye to my long distance boyfriend so that sucked, and today I get spinal injections. That’s not what’s important though.

Physical Numbness? (A health question plus add your own if you please) Physical Numbness? (A health question plus add your own if you please)

Hey lovely groupthinkers! Anyone experience neuropathy/numbness/nerve pain issues? I do! It’s fun. My question is - for those with numbness in the extremities, any hints to keep from constantly hurting yourself? My hands and feet are covered in little cuts and abrasions that don’t start hurting until I’ve bashed…

Pet Loss and a question  Pet Loss and a question 

TW going to discuss the loss of a pet below as well as decisions re: memorials/burial/cremation/etc...

Hahaha you thought you'd get away with it!!! Hahaha you thought you'd get away with it!!!

Hello lovely groupthinkers! Last time I made a post i proceeded to pass out and forgot about it (I gave fair warning, but I still feel bad! Sorry people of this amazing, weird, lovable community!)

Sunday night OT complaints  Sunday night OT complaints 

Hi GT, I’ve been a lurky mclurkerson for a while and I believe my last post was complaining too but shrug...

All-Consuming Rage OT All-Consuming Rage OT

Good Day, Lovely Groupthinkers!

Sweet Freedom Sweet Freedom

Hey there GT! I have been largely absent lately so please walk with me for a short tale?

My town in the news

Guys, the unicorn-horn Fedora is not a joke. Thank dog I got a heads-up here. If I encountered this on the street with no warning...death via laughter. I suppose there are worse ways to go.

Thanks GT  Thanks GT 

Last night’s ranting has been vanished. Thank you everyone for your support, commiseration, suggestions, and general awesomeness.

Whine Time (& open thread)

You know what goes well with sudden period cramps after months of no period and horrible poops (sorry guys)? A migraine. Thanks body, appreciate it.

Ladythescottishplay would like some advice 

On a confusing sexytimes issue - help a lady out?

Anxiety Sunday! Open Thread

In a lead up to Anxiety Monday, I present Anxiety Sunday, where you can’t enjoy your day off because all you can think about is all the chores you have to do, all the work you’ll have next week, and the fact that you DON’T WANT TO. Oh, and you have anxiety about all of it. OBVIOUSLY, why wouldn’t you?!

Yes but I need it.  Yes but I need it. 

GT, I want Chinese food soooo bad right now. I would like wor wonton soup, ginger beef (which I’m pretty sure is a weird western Canadian non-Chinese food), and salt & pepper squid.

Things I want right now Things I want right now

I would kill (fine, glare menacingly) for an egg Mcmuffin and an orange juice.

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