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I have a problem I have a problem

Hi everybody!

Work Truck Work Truck

Hi everybody!

Electrifying Electrifying

Hi everybody!

Some weird casts Some weird casts

Hi Everybody!

A Lexus and a Vette A Lexus and a Vette

So I picked up some more cars! I got a Lexus IS F CCS-R from Tomica, it raced in Pikes peak, and the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. It is a 2nd gen IS as can be seen without the big front grill.

Restomods Restomods

Hi everybody!

Police Honda Insight Police Honda Insight

Hi everybody!

Back in Time Again! Back in Time Again!

Hi Everybody!

Drop Tops Drop Tops

Got some more cars for you! These are from Tomica. One is the new Z car and the other is also a Z but from BMW. At 1st when I got these I did not realize that the tops are removable, now that I know they are it makes them so much fun/better! Love the button wheels on the Nissan. I do not know why but the race wheels…


Hi Everybody!

Pete's Taxi service! Pete's Taxi service!

Hi Everybody!

I will be the safest of them all! I will be the safest of them all!

Here is a neat cast of a Honda CRZ that is a safety car. I had to get it!

1...2...3...4... I Declare a Drift War! 1...2...3...4... I Declare a Drift War!

Got me a 86! That can deliver Tofu very very fast!

The New Gull-wing! The New Gull-wing!

So the last few weeks/days were good to me and I got a bit crazy on the die cast cars... hey it is Christmas time after all! So I picked up a the Benz SLS from Tomy and it is awesome. Here are some pictures

I got another set... I got another set...

Hi everybody!

Police Van Tear Down Police Van Tear Down

OK so my small bus set uses screws to hold the car together, so I will do a tear down of one. I will use the police van because it is the biggest from the set thus the best to take apart with the least amount of mucking about.

C-Day hawl C-Day hawl

Hi everybody

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