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It's becoming a game for me It's becoming a game for me

Grab a bid from a few nearby places, then after laughing at the price see how much it costs to do the work myself.

Dots Dots

Never in a million years did I think I’d be salivating over a Harley. But that color, and those wheels... Oh god. What have I become.

50 internet points  50 internet points 

If you can figure out what I’m designing*

It's not perfect  It's not perfect 

But it works. First time working with metal was a success. If this gets busted again I may look into using solid rivets to get things matched perfectly.

I feel as if I'm being granted a vision of the future I feel as if I'm being granted a vision of the future

Took an s60r on a test drive today, and looked at a v70r. Everything I dreamed of and more. Comfort, style, dynamics. Passing on both because reasons. Driving home, what do I see? An S60r broken down on the side of the road. I’m sure that’s just a fluke.

Looks like a STREET RACER to me Looks like a STREET RACER to me

Clearly a menace to society. Grow up! Get a job!

Savage Savage

To be fair, that IS a very nice gray.

Progress  Progress 

Time to eat humble pie. I now see why the quote was so high for “a simple door”. Nothing is square, things don’t line up in the slightest in length, width OR depth, and the original door was a terrible design in the first place. Super flimsy. I redesigned it, but I need it to look the same from the exterior. 5 hours…

OSHA approved?  OSHA approved? 

Yes, those are suction cup shower handles that the ladder is resting—and presumably strapped—on. I’m staying away from him.

That hurts That hurts

That hurts a lot.

Adventures with AestheticsInMotion  Adventures with AestheticsInMotion 

A completely unplanned solo hike to the top of Mt. Rainier. Full disclosure, I didn’t make it to the summit. However, I did safely(ish) make it back down to the bottom with some damn good stories. Sharing a sunset with a goat 9000' up the tallest peak in the continental US surely qualifies.

Well shit.  Well shit. 

Fabricator flaked on me. I had an appointment to get a work vehicle wrapped on Friday, which I will now have to cancel because I can’t get an exterior door made in time. Thanks “525 Enginesports”. Now I’m going to have to be the asshole that cancels an appointment because you couldn’t meet a deadline for a small job.

Midnight snack  Midnight snack 

I don’t want any of this but I’ve been heavily back into bodybuilding since my knee recovered, and am considering getting back into physique competitions, or trying powerlifting. Either way... Boi gotta eat. It’s absolutely draining eating nonstop everyday for months on end. But it would be even worse to give up.

Wow Wow

Acura hit it out of the park with this one. Yes yes, the badge is massive, but other than that.... Gorgeous. Good blue paint, red leather interior. Looks a lot more high-end than you’d expect from an Acura.

Haiiii Haiiii

Wired in a cabin switch for my fan, replaced a few hoses, and replaced my thermostat with one that opens at a slightly lower temp. Overheating issues are gone! How’s your weekend, Oppo?

Can I get a bro-truck rating?  Can I get a bro-truck rating? 

With the "cops" sticker he at least seems to be somewhat self-aware. 

I just washed these windows, AMA I just washed these windows, AMA

That’s right baby. I’m back. 9800 Sq. Ft. Of new construction. It feels so good to be out in the field again.

Miata down Miata down

Dropped off at the Firestone down the street to address the wheel bearing. Unfortunately I’ve confirmed that my fan isn’t turning on, which... Is a problem. For now I’m just avoiding traffic, and watching the coolant temp gauge like a hawk.

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