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Have you read this? In-depth article on home abortions in the US; California Sunday Magazine, The Guardian

Really made me think about how men/medical industry, in more ways than just the law, are still the gatekeepers of abortion care under Roe. It also made me re-think why pregnant folks opt to have home births, and when and why that’s been really frowned upon in the States. If first trimester abortions are low-risk (they…

MSN reporter Jacob Soboroff's visit to migrant child detention center

A democratic senator attempted to visit earlier, but was denied. He was told that visitors had to apply two weeks before their visit.

Today In Happy News: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Make Their First Public Appearance as Newlyweds, and As Always They Are Adorable

I saw some criticism that Meghan’s pantyhose were too light, but I *think* she was going for matching the tights with the glossy sheer part of her top? Both seem to be made from the same material.

Sleepy Kitty: My Cat Is Sleeping Near My Lap and Too Cute to Move edition Sleepy Kitty: My Cat Is Sleeping Near My Lap and Too Cute to Move edition

Also, I’ve been watching the Kitten Lady videos yesterday and today, and when Bonny hears the kittens meow, she stands up and pokes her head over the arm rest of my reading chair, or looks around for where the sound is coming from 😂

Thoughts on two mainpage articles

1. Regarding gamers in general, and the article reposted from Kotaku to Jez specifically, why is gaming full of misogynists? Is it just an extension of Peter Pan syndrome with the “no girls allowed” attitude? I’m very confused. I don’t participate in gaming, which just adds to it. But I think it may come down to not…

Resource for those looking to leave domestic violence situations: Red Rover

Fur Face Friday inspired me to share this resource. Red Rover safely houses the pets of those looking to leave domestic violence situations. It’s not a surrender-type of shelter! They help house the pet until their human is in a safer place. Many people with a history of DV do not want to leave for fear of their pets…

Thank you :)

The original post went *poof* but I want to say thank you to those who read/commented on my post about needing advice as a new cat owner. Your kind words, practical advice, and personal stories were all appreciated—AND helpful! I’m glad I wrote that post. You all provided a lot of clarity and it was good for me to get…

Cat update: Bonny is home! Cat update: Bonny is home!

She came home yesterday evening. And what a change in just 24 hours! She was hiding and I couldn’t find her anywhere. Totally quiet. Then a few hours ago, she starts peeking her head out. Then, within the last half hour or so I’ve gotten snuggled, she let me give her lots of head scritches (the first time I could pet…

Cat adoption update: Foster Meeting-It was love at first sight. Cat adoption update: Foster Meeting-It was love at first sight.

I paid the adoption fee in full and then added a donation on top of that. I just have to order all of the supplies off of Amazon and then I will bring her home sometime within the next week.

This week in cat adoption: Update This week in cat adoption: Update

I have a meeting this weekend with this little lady! Sooo I panicked a bit when putting together the things to buy for future!cat and backed away from the process for .2 seconds. Luckily the adoption counselor understood, and I had my phone screening/chat with the foster today and we are all set to meet on Saturday!…

Fellow cat people, I need your litter recommendations! Please and thank you 

Throw ‘em at me. I have a covered litter box on my list (this one). I’ll have 1 cat (still in the adoption process, so kitty isn’t here yet) likely around a year or two old, if that matters. Also, I have a 1-bedroom apartment, about 800 sq. ft. I don’t want the whole place smelling of cat litter. I am thinking of…

Your daily dose of floof Your daily dose of floof

Took a trip to my local animal rescue today to play with the rabbits during their bunny buddy day, as I am hoping to volunteer with the rabbits there. These living carpets are a mix of lionhead and ???. They are babies and the cuuutest. The brown one let me hold her like for a bit, it was like petting a cloud ❤️🐰

My reading corner :) My reading corner :)

Not pictured: the bookcase opposite. It’s a little cramped and literally the corner of a small apartment but it is so cozy! Can’t wait to have a real reading room/office one day but for now this will do. The wind is howling (complete with the air whistling through the branches and rattling the doors) and it’s the…

Long-form narratives I'd like to share

Raising the Dead by Tim Zimmermann for Outside Online (2005)

Let's Talk About Marine Life and Pre-Historic Creatures Let's Talk About Marine Life and Pre-Historic Creatures

EDIT: bah humbug, the formatting is all screwed up...sorry, trying to fix that!

Bibliotherapy, and r/ayearofwarandpeace

Hello Groupthink! I’m AdsoOfMilk, and my user name is based on a kitty from one of my favorite series, Outlander. I’ve commented here and there, mainly on the Lazy Sunday Lit thread and Morning OTs, and this is my first post :)