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Morning Wood + QUESTION! Morning Wood + QUESTION!

If ya’ didn’t have a case of it already, you do now.


GTA Online’s newest heist seems to play on what seems to be Mt. Chilliad’s undying conspiracy.

Hurricane Season is 'lit af' and

I don’t have The Vane to go to for witty updates and stories.

Playing Bartender for a Car Collector's Shindig Playing Bartender for a Car Collector's Shindig

On the northern side of Lexington Kentucky you will find that it’s what some would call ‘rough’ or ‘sketchy’; laden with buy-here-pay-here lots, strip clubs that just from looking at the exteriors make you feel the need to be sanitized, a minor league baseball field, and a walmart that usually has some crazed woman…

Dear Turn10/Microsoft Dear Turn10/Microsoft

If you were to grace Forza Motorsport 7 with actual new-to-the-franchise vehicles like these two I’m about to plea ask, I promise to never consider buying a ps4 again.

Time for me to kill your appetite for lunch Time for me to kill your appetite for lunch

Because if I lost mine over this, you all do too.

my newest guilty pleasure my newest guilty pleasure

‘can’t touch this’ compilation videos.

The NEED is strong. The NEED is strong.

Having just recently caught the photography bug, I just learned of the Nikon Coolpix P900 and I think I need a new change of pants.

Ye Ye

Bruce Willis + A funky Gorillaz jam? Check. Just hit play.

Time For Lunch Time For Lunch

Now feast your eyes AND EARS on this insanity posted by Jag’s youtube:

dammit, i can't hold it anymore dammit, i can't hold it anymore

I love the new 8 series. The front end’s angles and the taillights and aaaaaaaah dammit I’m not supposed to like Bimmers but considering how weird 2017's been, I’m not shocked. I’m shook. Shook that this Bimmer is no bummer.

Time to take a (GIF) Dump. Time to take a (GIF) Dump.

In my spare time/nothin’ better to do I enjoy making what I hope of at least decent quality GIFs. Typically if I don’t post them to tumblr (or forget about em due to drunken-state gif making, lol) they just sit in a folder on my desktop. SO, where better else than here to do some spring cleaning and actually show…

Talladega's last lap yesterday Talladega's last lap yesterday

As impressive as Stenhouse’s manhandling was of Cryle Busch (Who says Dega isn’t a ‘real track’), I think the move of the race honestly was Jamie Mac’s(the 1 car) parting of the sea and strutting right on through.

Night Time Youtube Browsing? Night Time Youtube Browsing?

Slap youtube.com/new in, enable, then slam that user icon on the top right:



Opponaughts here ye here ye, i ask ye a thing-ye

anyone play boderlands 2 for 360? gta online for 360 is a literal shitshow ran by dickhead modders generally, and this game is pretty frickin fun

who wants some mo'fuggin macro shots who wants some mo'fuggin macro shots

bonus picture of my aunts gardening glove in a rather offense state of rest

Just came into some cameras yall Just came into some cameras yall

So my aunt surprised me with all these, they were my uncles that has long since passed away. He purchased them when in vietnam, and we even found some of his doodles he’d done when in between the show over there.

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