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LDR Tips and Advice [Edited] LDR Tips and Advice [Edited]

Since I’ve last written, I’ve moved in with my boyfriend—a first for me! It’s been great and easy and we’ve been talking about marriage in the not-too-distant future, and I am supremely happy.

Job Search Help--WTF Do I Do Now? Job Search Help--WTF Do I Do Now?

So I jumped ship from teaching and am close to finishing my MBA with a concentration in marketing...and I’m scared shitless as to what I’m going to do next.

Whine Time

Anyone else feel like whining?

Post Went Poof

Thanks to everyone who took (or even just tried to take) the survey for me. My teammates and I appreciate your input!

It's Time for the School Year to End

My first period is rough. Good, bright kids, but filled with enough overly talkative ones that I have not been a good teacher overall this year, and I can see it on the face of several students every day that they are sick of the core group of students who just won’t shut the fuck up.

Whine Time

This is not a holiday I give a shit about, but holidays are always a good time to whine, so feel free to add yours below.

Grumpy Mood Grumpy Mood

I realize what’s been bothering me all weekend: I’m a rule follower in a world where only 70% follow the rules.

What Did I Want to Buy?

Or, alternatively, what should I buy?

"Get Out"

I went and saw “Get Out” last night, based on the overwhelming positive reviews and reassurances from other Jezzies that it was not too-scary,and boy am I glad I did! It was fantastic! I wasn’t expecting a lot of the elements or the details of the major reveal, and I was blown away. And for someone who hates scary…

Is it time to go home yet? Is it time to go home yet?

One of my white male students walked into class wearing a “meninist” tank top.

Beware the Ides of Trump Beware the Ides of Trump

Found this online. I’m putting it on my calendar, and putting 3 postcards in the mail tonight in preparation—two to the House Oversight Committee and one to my senator. I got some awesome postcards from Etsy that needed to get used.

My Little Thing for the Day My Little Thing for the Day

I called my Senator this morning. Told her to vote against DeVos, the Supreme Court nominee since that is a stolen seat, and pretty much fight against anything Trump puts up to Congress. Told her office to tell her to get all the Dems on board and any Republicans they can because her constituents are scared by what…

"I Choose My Own Way To Burn" "I Choose My Own Way To Burn"

I keep coming back to this in these increasingly dark times. My instincts to survive are really fucking strong, but I like to think that when push came to shove, I’d make the right choice in the face of tough decisions.

Today in Teaching...

We’re reading articles to learn about argumentation. A presentation that I wanted to show them to give background info on this dated (20+ years) article wasn’t working, so I’m just like, just ask me about what you didn’t understand, and I ‘ll explain it.

Goodbye Peace... Goodbye Peace...

I’ve enjoyed two weeks off from both work and school, but that is coming to an end...

I Did It (plus drama)

I totally shaved my head.

Silly Parent Stuff Silly Parent Stuff

I went home this weekend for a quick birthday dinner (mine!). While I was hanging out waiting for the dinner to start, I was aimlessly opening the cabinets like I always do and saw hot chocolate. Here was the exchange between me and my mom.

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