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I'm just waiting for Android Reese's Cup, my favorite of all candies.......mmmmmmm, peanut butter and chocolate. Can't text, must eat......

I think the most subtle-yet-potentially most valuable feature of Android 4.x is the ability to have a line of custom text on the lock screen. I flash between Gingerbread and Jelly Bean ROMs on my ol' Evo 4G, and that's the feature I miss the most, if only for the way-off chance that something happens to me (car…

I saw a recent article somewhere about a herd of goats being hired to help clear out overgrown areas of the National Cemetery, as well.


Rachel Maddow, can't you and your partner just move in with my wife and I? She's an artist, like your partner, and I love hearing you talk, so it'd be the perfect arrangement!