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Car accidents suck 

Yes, everyone is ok. No, the kids weren’t with us.

What's for dinner?

Housemate and Other-Husband got it into their heads to build a fire in the fire pit and cook baked potatoes in the ashes and hot dogs on a grill over the flames. (I am staying safely -and wisely- out of the way in the house.) This project started about 2 hours ago, and I’m. So. Hungry. I think the potatoes only went…


Oh. My. God. I found out what the gross smell in my car was. Brace yourselves.

We went and did it...

Rented that house, I mean!

Let's have a dinner thread!

We’re not doing anything exciting for dinner here tonight, just leftovers from the last few days. How about you?

So, this house we looked at yesterday...

I had pretty much resigned myself to not moving this year because we just absolutely couldn’t find a place that was big enough for everyone AND affordable. This house basically fell into our laps after Husband heard about it from a friend of a friend. And, you guys, I just don’t know how I feel about it!

And here come the tears again...  And here come the tears again... 

Have a cute kitty spacer:

Fooooood Post!

This is a dinner thread and general post about delicious noms. Feel free to post any food related stuff... questions, recipes, what you’re making and/or eating tonight, etc.

Dinner Thread!

It’s hot. It’s like, 87F. Gross. But I promised the kids a specific dinner tonight, so I’m cooking. The sacrifices I make for you kids! *shakes fist at the sky* :-P

Dinner Thread!

Much of my cooking lately has been of the “just heat this up” variety. Tonight, though, I made a sheet pan dinner- roasted chicken thighs with fingerling potatoes and garlic cloves, and a separate tray of roasted veggies (bell peppers, onion, potatoes, and carrots). It was delicious :) I wish I’d grabbed a pic, but…

To all (+ small update)

I am apparently having trouble responding to individual replies, so this is a general thank you to all who left a reply on my post last night. You are all so kind and have many helpful suggestions :) Thank you, GT.

Everything is awful

Some of you may remember when I posted, a little over a year ago, that my husband had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had surgery, it went well, he was all clear.

Hey, Chicago-area folks

Got a question for you! This may sound strange, but... did anyone notice their pets being weird around 3-4am? Housemate’s dog was pacing and whining and wanted to go out every 5 minutes (not like we were trying to sleep or anything *sigh*), and the cats were also acting weird, meowing and jumping on and off the bed…

What do you do with holiday leftovers?

Do you eat them as is? Or recreate them in some fashion? Freeze them for later?

This morning, in "Why Parents Eat Their Young"... (also, OT)

So, BabySmacks is planning to go to school in costume today. I get up at 5.30 to get him up and in the shower, and help with the face paint and so on. He’s going as a vampire. We got the fangs with the press on adhesive, and he’s wearing his black dress clothes and bow tie. I paint his face white with dark eyes, trail…

Dinner Thread!

Hey, GT, what’s for dinner? Whether it’s prime rib or poptarts, come tell us about it!

Dinner Thread!

Housemate and I collaborated on dinner tonight... She put the pork roast in the crock pot this morning, and I made the mashed potatoes and microwaved the carrots when I got home.

Dinner Thread!

Come in, sit down, and tell us all about what you are cooking or not cooking tonight!

I shake my head at humanity

Now, I know that the article says it’s a “light-hearted” thing, but you just know that a good chunk of these people actually believe this could work.

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