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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Sometimes you don’t. Ugh, coconut. I had to go to a graduation party over the weekend and I told someone how I found it weird that almost all of the candy bar brands were founded in the 20s and 30s. They had mentioned Zero (1920). Mounds was also 1920. Almond Joy came later. New 1977 ad in header.

Pop Rouge Pop Rouge

Something like a cross between red creme soda and strawberry soda. No longer available. Is is “creme” or “cream”? We’re looking at cream soda.

Thursday Radio: Red Wind Thursday Radio: Red Wind

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe. This was the second Marlowe, on CBS. 1948.

Stakeout (1987) Stakeout (1987)

Coming up late night on Laff. I slept for three hours earlier. Directed by John Badham. Madeleine Stowe, Emilio Estevez, Richard Dreyfuss. A big surprise hit and top ten earner for the year. Spawned a sequel.

Vintage Chess Vintage Chess

From the Library of Congress. Photos, prints, drawings.

Oysters Rockefeller Oysters Rockefeller

The most sought after recipe in the world. Created at Antoine’s in New Orleans in 1889.

Chess in Fiction and Film Chess in Fiction and Film

The Thomas Crown Affair playing on this-TV. I don’t play chess myself. I know one move, an opener, where the second (3rd?) pawn from the right is moved forward two spaces. I got that from a book. Some piece of genre fiction I imagine. This is an attempt to identify that book (or story). There will be lots of links.

Clint Walker, RIP Clint Walker, RIP

The big man died at 90 or 91, depending on which link you click on. The Dirty Dozen, The Night of the Grizzly, Sam Whiskey with Burt Reynolds (above), Killdozer, Snowbeast. You could have built a house on that frame. He makes Burt look puny.

Phyl & Mikhy  Phyl & Mikhy 

Another one of those short-lived shows that fell through the cracks of my television research. Found while looking at the IMDb of Michael Pataki (175 credits), who was in everything. 1980 CBS. 6 episodes. No promos to be found but we do have the intro and close.

Egg Cream Egg Cream

No egg. No cream. All business.

Sandwich of the Day: Muffuletta Sandwich of the Day: Muffuletta

A New Orleans original. I brought home half of one recently when having lunch with my mother at the local notable Italian deli place. Usually round. Ham, salami, olive salad, provolone, Mortadella. Sometimes the cheeses used differ.

Breathless (1983) Breathless (1983)

A kind of interesting if polarizing movie. On this-TV after Semi-Tough last night. Directed by Jim McBride. Remake of the Godard film. Richard Gere is a big Silver Surfer fan and it pops up several times. Not surprisingly this is one of Tarantino’s favorite movies. All I remembered was the color red. If you’ve seen it…

Week of the Week Week of the Week

1609 – Shakespeare’s sonnets are first published in London, perhaps illicitly, by the publisher Thomas Thorpe.

Semi-Tough (1977) Semi-Tough (1977)

Playing on this-TV. Directed by Michael Ritchie. Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson, Jill Clayburgh. From the book by Dan Jenkins. What should have been a good football movie ruined by all the EST crap. Same mistake made by the TV show The Americans. It’s not interesting. Good book though. Stick to football.

Norm Macdonald Live with Gilbert Gottfried Norm Macdonald Live with Gilbert Gottfried

Listening to it on that video site that isn’t Youtube. It’s been off the rails since fifteen seconds in. The Gottfried podcast about forgotten detective shows was the reason I got more involved in the subject.

Coneheads (1993) Coneheads (1993)

Playing on Laff. Underrated. For an SNL movie, very underrated. Good cast. Michael McKean and David Spade are great as the bumbling immigration agents.

My Wife Can't Make Coffee My Wife Can't Make Coffee

Folgers 1978. What’s Mountain Grown?

Vintage Beer Vintage Beer

From the Library of Congress. Posters, photos, whatever else shows up.

Night Flight Night Flight

Welcome to Night Flight. Your weekend open thread. Mr. Steak.

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