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Goodnight Goodnight

I wish

This is pretty funny This is pretty funny

McLaren gets a flip flop sponsor for it’s halo. Actually not so much a sponsor as a charity partner:

Stuff and Things Today Stuff and Things Today

So I saw this truck with 1951 plates, like mine, except I have to have the 52' tag on the 51' plate, his is an actual 51 (You have to use a 51' plate through 54' with a tag that just changes the year). I found this Miata that is owned by a guy that apparently has Loti/Lotuses. I hiked with my wife and dog at Roy’s…

Goodnight Goodnight

No F1 quite yet but the sumo tournament started in Osaka so I’m happy for one of my sports to be on for the next two weeks straight.

Goodnight, have the Z "Sunchaser" that never was. Goodnight, have the Z "Sunchaser" that never was.

This was an early concept prototype when they were figuring out the Z.

I saw the Z lady again, been awhile  I saw the Z lady again, been awhile 

I met this lady once in this very lot, she is the original owner and has DD’d it since new. It’s a 72' like mine, it’s also an automatic. When I first met her my Z was not finished and we compared cars, she needed some help with it and I referred her to my friends shop that works on anything but personally he…

Morning Harassment Morning Harassment

The community service cop was driving around, I saw him turn around over in front of me. I was waiting for my wife to come out so I could take her to the bus to SF, I always warm the engine up for ten minutes with the older cars when I do this. So they turn around, I guess they read my plate out and then dispatch said…

DOTS traffic SF/Marin edition DOTS traffic SF/Marin edition

Nice light brown SC, a metallic brown Merc, WTF is a Disney Ninja?, and super Sharks fan painted their Prius turquoise and it’s hard to see but a sharks decal on the rear window.  

The M37 Power Wagon Meeting Went Well The M37 Power Wagon Meeting Went Well

The guy is a board member of the local Military Vehicle Preservation Association chapter and is also a high school auto shop teacher. So we met at his school and he put it up on the lift to point out some things to me. So some pics are references for me and not exciting. He has the 4.89 gears I will be swapping into…

2nd Goodnight, tomorrows plans 2nd Goodnight, tomorrows plans

Tomorrow I will meet with a board member of the military vehicle preservation society and check out his M37. He has the 4.89 gears I’m swapping into my truck this summer so we can give them a try before I do it. he will also school me on M37s. He is a teacher at a high school and they have an auto shop, so we are…

Goodnight, Scuderia Edition Goodnight, Scuderia Edition

Cool stuff, this is why I don’t like spec series, I love to look at little engineering details. Also the little wing on the halo, I have to check out the other cars for that. Of course others can add that by mid season, but the sidepod/mirror idea if it works would be much harder to copy any time soon. I only hope…

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