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11/5! (lwb edition) 11/5! (lwb edition)

The Merc W115 may have been only the four cylinder model but that didn’t stop it getting a stretch. And a fifth cylinder in this case, as it’s a 240D 3.0.

11/5! 11/5!

No Peugeots for today because no O so we have to look a bit more upmarket to the German taxi driver’s delight, the Merc W115. This was Merc’s smaller car in the late 60s and early 70s and was the four cylinder variant of the W114.

The want is strong... The want is strong...

I find myself seriously wanting to go look at this car. With cash in hand. Running and driving classic Mercedes for less than a grand!? Manual transmission and minimal rust!? I'm thinking engine swap. Either m119 v8 or m104 i6. Then suspension upgrades to make it handle more like a modern car. Oh, and brake upgrades…