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The Truth About that McDonald's Hot Coffee Lawsuit, Overpopulation Explained, and the Original Moonwalkers

In this first Brain Buffet of the new year, we’re busting myths and inspiring you to do your best. First, the truth about that infamous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, and some facts about human overpopulation. Then watch some serious focus at work, see an artist at craft, and more.

Interesting Facts About Every Country in the World, The Limits of Humanity, and The Year in Search

In this week’s all-video buffet, we’re looking back over 2016's highlights and depths, theorizing over the limits of human space travel, even in the best case, watching a crazy chemistry experiment, and exploring some interesting facts about every country in the world.

A Typewriter Orchestra, Stop Worrying If Your Drink Is Manly, and the Best of Planet Earth

This week in the Brain Buffet we’re checking out the Boston Typewriter Orchestra in action, a new podcast on remix culture, the best scenes from Planet Earth to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary, and much more.

How Scientists Determine Fake Art is Fake, a Map of Physics, and the Experience Machine

This week, we’re looking into how researchers determine a counterfeit piece of art is actually fake, checking out the story of a 61-year old potato farmer who won an ultramarathon, browsing the map of physics, and more.

The Best PCs You Can Build for $300, $600, and $1200 The Best PCs You Can Build for $300, $600, and $1200

We’ve walked you through building your own computer before. In this post—which we’ll update periodically as prices and components change—we’ll walk you through the hardware we’ll need for three different system builds: a budget workstation, a powerful all-purpose PC, and an enthusiast’s system for gamers and…

Six Endangered Words, a Real-Life Fortress of Solitude, and How Much Homework Kids Get Around the World

This week, we’re checking out some endangered English words, a real-life Fortress of Solitude-like crystal cave, how much homework kids get around the globe, and more.

Plex Cloud Can Now Upload Your Media to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive Plex Cloud Can Now Upload Your Media to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive

When Plex first launched its Plex Cloud, which allows you to stream all your media from a cloud storage account, it only supported Amazon Drive. Now, it’s getting a lot better, with support for Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

How Wi-Fi on Airplanes Works, Unusual Origins of U.S. City Names, and the Clouds of Iceland

This week we’re checking out some beautiful national parks in Europe you should visit, learning about how in-flight Wi-Fi on airplanes works (besides poorly), and diving into the unusual origins of many US city names.

A Drunken Astronomer, a 2,500 Year Old Brew, and a Lost City Older than Machu Picchu

This week we’re looking into whether polygraph (aka lie detector) tests actually work, checking out a Bronze Age brew that really should be made today, an astronomer whose name you may not know, and more!

The Most Soothing Song Ever, How Fusion Energy Might Work, and the Best Video Cards

This week we’re checking out some of the worst “oops!” moments in history, running down some great GPUs and peripherals, talking about how fusion energy might work, and some soothing tunes for a hopefully less stressful week.

The Best Hot Dogs in America, Places You Should See Before They're Gone Forever, and a Tour of the ISS

This week we’re taking a tour of the International Space Station, making bread with geothermal energy, and running down some of the best hot dogs in America. We’re also filling out your bucket list, and playing with some thought experiments.

A Haunted Hotel You Can Stay In, Endangered Dog Breeds, and Why Movie Ads are Called "Trailers" A Haunted Hotel You Can Stay In, Endangered Dog Breeds, and Why Movie Ads are Called "Trailers"

This week we’re celebrating Halloween with some spooky stories, a trick-or-treat safety video from the 70s, endangered dog breeds and the market forces behind them, and why those preview ads before movies are called “trailers.”

Airportraits, Crazy Things the TSA has Confiscated, and Some Soothing Jellyfish Airportraits, Crazy Things the TSA has Confiscated, and Some Soothing Jellyfish

This week we’re checking out Mike Kelley’s Airportraits, or those photos of dozens of planes taking off and landing in the same frame, relaxing to a soothing stream of jellyfish, talking about why so many restaurants have gone bankrupt, and more.

Explore the Tree of Life, the Rise and Fall of 900 Numbers, and the Most Sampled Songs Ever

This week we’re checking out some incredible videos of fencing in action, exploring the tree of life on Earth, building some bucket lists, and talking about the history of sampling in music.

Computer Viruses that Changed the World, a DIY Water Cooled Flashlight, and Food Court

This week we’re talking about heroes in history who were actually terrible people, doling out justice for one-star Yelp reviewers, looking back at computer viruses that wreaked havoc around the globe, and much more.

Building 737s in Nine Days, Why the War on Drugs Failed, and a Tour of Japanese Arcades

This week, we’re checking out how Boeing builds a 737 in just nine days, some creepy abandoned resorts around the country, the thriving Japanese arcade industry, why the war on drugs is a failure and what to do instead, and more.

Plex Cloud Stores All Your Media Files On Amazon Drive Plex Cloud Stores All Your Media Files On Amazon Drive

A Plex media server is one of the easiest ways to access all your movies from your local NAS. Plex Cloud’s a new service that can eliminate the need for that NAS by linking up with an Amazon Drive account.

The Monty Hall Problem Explained, Why Textbooks are So Expensive, and a Kitten Live Stream

This week we’re plotting a pinball-themed road trip across the country, looking at the most significant buildings of the past hundred years, and wrapping it all up with some adorable kittens, live streaming right now.

A Live Stream of Earth from Space, Quantum Computing, and Creepy Historical Events

This week in the Brain Buffet, let’s talk about how quantum computers will change technology, check out boozy travel destinations, super creepy events in history, how politcs impacts gold prices, and watch a live stream of the Earth from the International Space Station!

What Everything Is Made of, Little Known Facts About the Roman Empire, and Fall Festivals Around the World

This week we’re looking at what “things” are made of—as in, everything: you, the planet, the computer you’re using right now, some great fall festivals to look forward to, why there are 24 hours in the day, and what happens when new tech meets old laws.

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