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Sam Bee Reminds Us That Ivanka Will Probably Never Be the 'Progressive Feminist' We Need

Citing Ivanka Trump’s CBS interview, in which Ivanka said her “silence” about her father’s horrendous policies isn’t complicity, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee outlined why Ivanka will only let us down.

Sam Bee's Interview with Journalist Masha Gessen Is Absolutely Terrifying

For our physical and mental health, it feels important to create some sort of remove between ourselves and what is happening with the advent of the Trump administration. But to fight autocracy, Russian journalist Masha Gessen recommends that everyone keep panicking.

Full Frontal's Interview with a Woman Forced to Continue Unviable Pregnancy Is Sad and Terrifying

In a segment this week on Full Frontal, Samantha Bee took a close look at the Catholic-run healthcare system’s treatment of abortion and reproduction.

Samantha Bee Reads Your Comments, Loses Faith in Humanity As a Result Samantha Bee Reads Your Comments, Loses Faith in Humanity As a Result

As a woman and public figure, Sam Bee gets an awful lot of crap slung her way by the chatty Cathys of the internet, all equipped with opinions and thoughts and feelings that are so intelligent that they must be shared. Here, in the latest installment of “Real or Fake,” a “game” in which she guesses which comments are…

John McCain Puts Women's Health Where It Belongs: In Derisive Air Quotes!

On last night's Daily Show, Sam Bee took on John McCain's use of air quotes — or, in the parlance of Jon Stewart, "dick fingers" — when talking about women's health at the final presidential debate. We're all just looking for a golden ticket to the abortion factory, dontcha know! And as Bee says, we're willing to go…