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For those of y'all who like to play app games, a Thiel alert:

From Ashley Feinberg, former Gawker writer, and current HuffPo Senior Reporter

Bad Roommate Stories

Alright GT, most of you have had at least one!

Again🙁Shooting in CA, one of the (Multiple) sites appears to be an elementary school, TW, of course, because of fatalities.

This was the first tweet i saw on my timeline, about parents stuck behind the lines, wondering, waiting, and hoping that their child is one of the ones who is ok:

Toxic Masculinity, Domestic Violence, this latest tragedy in TX, how the Authorities just.don' sometimes (and, frankly, can make bad situations even WORSE for victims of horrible situations!)🙁

As i was driving home from the pulltab booth job tonight, i heard part of an earlier news conference which gave updates on the number of magazines found in the church (15, of 30 rounds each), on MPR/NPR.

This is a thing that is real This is a thing that is real

I don’t watch late night infomercials, so when I heard this on the TV in the next room I thought that SNL was running again on a Sunday. Nope. This is a thing that exists in this world. And apparently I’m late to finding this.

WTF Moments, OT if desired

Today I got a letter from Ameren, our electric company, saying they would be in the neighborhood in the next few weeks trimming trees which are near power lines.

Morning Laugh & OT Morning Laugh & OT

Good Morning GT!

Today in Autism Fearmongering (and stupidity!😑)

We all know that there are lots of folks out in the world—the Antivaxxers—who still believe the debunked theory (propagated by former Doctor, Andrew Wakefield), that vaccines cause autism.

WTF conversations with family or friends

So my mother thinks socialists are evil. Thinks they are equivalent to Nazis. Was terrified Bernie would win the primary election and turn this country into Communist Russia. Has a framed photo of Ronald Reagan in her home. Hardcore pro-lower taxes and rah-rah-rah capitalism. Bootstraps and personal responsibility.

Heads up to our North Carolina GT'ers (and other political shadiness OT)

For alla y’all in NC, you may wanna make some calls/write letters/email your LOCAL (state-not federal!) reps today/tomorrow, because it looks like the R-side State Senators pulled sime major fuckery at a bit before 3 am on Saturday morning.

Birthday Spankings?! (from Prudie)

The most recent Dear Prudence has a question from a person who joked about giving a friend’s daughter a birthday spanking at her party. The person was kicked out and ostracized on social media for being a pervy weirdo as apparently the parents and friend circle had never heard of this tradition.

What The Actual Fuck What The Actual Fuck

This is such a blatant violation of the most basic of surveying standards that I just...

Today in "Teh Irresponsible Poorz"

So i’m guessing that plenty of folkshave already seen Perennial Turdwagon Jason Chaffetz’ calls for “teh poorz” to stop being “Irresponsible” with their money, and rather than spending that money on “The newest Iphone”, spend it on their healthcare premuim.

Fun Fact Time😬😒😲 Fun Fact Time😬😒😲

I was just driving home, and heard our new AG Sessions talk about “Why this immigration change is necessary” in the eyes of the drumpf administration.

Just, WTF

Crowley will serve as senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council. *screampukesforever*

Jeff Sessions...

We know he’s racist, but fun fact: he is also ableistic. Because of course he is!

A Story From the Polls

As a bit of background, I was a poll worker yesterday. Specifically, I was an Assistant Inspector for my assigned precinct. This was something that happened yesterday that (while it didn’t necessarily piss me off) it bothered me. Politics-wise, I hold to two rules:

Just Look at This Freaking Giant Black Slug Just Look at This Freaking Giant Black Slug

Gulp. Just look at how ridiculous this thing looks. It’s a giant black sea slug known as a sea hare and it’s freaking monstrous. You don’t really hold it in your hand as much as the sea hare, which can grow up to over 3 feet long and weigh over 30 pounds, just swallows your entire arm. Brave Wilderness found the black…

Abortion vs. Kermit Gosnell (Now with Bonus ETA!)

I simplified this a fair amount due to it being morning and me being a bit tired. But I would really like this argument to die, please. (x-post of my comment on the Slot article.)

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