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Phyl & Mikhy  Phyl & Mikhy 

Another one of those short-lived shows that fell through the cracks of my television research. Found while looking at the IMDb of Michael Pataki (175 credits), who was in everything. 1980 CBS. 6 episodes. No promos to be found but we do have the intro and close.

Superhero Face Off Superhero Face Off

Rodney and Bill Murray. ABC 1982. It’s Not Easy Bein’ Me.

Rabbit Troop Sucks! Rabbit Troop Sucks!

It totally blows. Blows.

Spin-off of Spin-offs Spin-off of Spin-offs

But I’ll miss Sheriff Lobo.

Day By Day Day By Day

1988-89 NBC. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Christoper Daniel Barnes. Created by Gary David Goldberg.

Fernwood 2 Night - "Lattimore Diet Program" (Complete Broadcast, 9/21/1977) Fernwood 2 Night - "Lattimore Diet Program" (Complete Broadcast, 9/21/1977)

“Here’s a complete airing of the Fernwood 2 Night (a.k.a. Fernwood Tonight) episode “Lattimore Diet Program” (S01E58) as aired over WFLD Channel 32.”

The Return of Elmo Ziller The Return of Elmo Ziller

Higgy Baby alert. The Elmo Ziller Story is the second episode on Cozi-TV tonight. Texan John Hillerman plays Higgins’ Texan half-brother. Rick and T.C. as rodeo clowns. First episode is The Last Page, where you get to see Higgins fire the cannon.

Joe Bob's Summer School Joe Bob's Summer School

Remedial TV for couch potatoes. Special guest lecturers every week include Wolfgang Puck, John Waters, and cannibal skin care consultant on Motel Hell.

Norm Norm

The Norm Show. 1999-2001 ABC. With Norm Macdonald.

TNT Promos II TNT Promos II

The rest of the 90s. Great Toon Takeover 1994.

The Sheriff and the Astronaut The Sheriff and the Astronaut

1984 CBS failed pilot with Alec Baldwin. With Magnum and Simon & Simon.

May 10, 1979 Commercials May 10, 1979 Commercials

Tuc cracker from Keebler, Bad News Bears TV show, Bugs Bunny Mother’s Day Special. 10 minute ad block. Bad News cast had Jack Warden, Sparky Marcus, Corey Feldman, Meeno Peluce, Billy Jayne, Catherine Hicks, and Tricia Cast as Amanda, who I know from the Jason Bateman 80s show, It’s Your Move. I also saw her the…

Taxi Driver Taxi Driver

With Bob Hope, Woody Allen, Gregory Peck, Dick Cavett.

Sighting 4001: The Washington, D.C. Incident Sighting 4001: The Washington, D.C. Incident

WMAQ Channel 5 - Project U.F.O. - “The Washington, D.C. Incident” (Complete Broadcast, 2/19/1978). “Published on Apr 30, 2018. Here’s a complete first-run airing (with commercials included) of the premiere episode of the short-lived series Project U.F.O., entitled “Sighting 4001: The Washington, D.C. Incident,” as…

Hobgoblins Hobgoblins


Orville "Rick" Wright Orville "Rick" Wright

vs. quicksand and bugs.

TNT Promos TNT Promos

Super 70s Week 1995. Premiered in 1988.

Black Bart Black Bart

A bizarre story. Written by Andrew Bergman. With Louis Gossett, Jr. and Steve Landesberg. Warner Bros. produced this show (1975) with CBS in order to keep control of the movie rights, because of a clause in Mel Brooks’ contract, and kept on producing the show, after only airing the pilot once, but a movie sequel never…

Joe Namath: A Retrospective Joe Namath: A Retrospective

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