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Son of Svengoolie - First Anniversary Show Son of Svengoolie - First Anniversary Show

1980. Pillow of Death. Brand new.

Baron Blood Baron Blood

Spooky 1976 CBS Late Movie promo. New. Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

Series Premiere of Roseanne Series Premiere of Roseanne

New 1988 ABC promo with Mission Impossible. New Roseanne-less Roseanne show premieres tomorrow I think.

It Takes Two It Takes Two

The other new 1982 ABC promo show. Helen Hunt, Patty Duke, Richard Crenna, Anthony Edwards, Billie Bird. 22 episodes.

Star of the Family Star of the Family

Brian Dennehy. Michael Dudikoff. 1982 ABC. 10 episodes.

Goliath Awaits Goliath Awaits

1981 TV movie for Operation Prime Time. Mark Harmon, Christopher Lee, Robert Forster, Frank Gorshin, Emma Samms, John Ratzenberger. Sunken ocean liner from WWII found in present day with survivors.

Blankety Blanks Blankety Blanks

1975 ABC. Game show.

Planet Earth Planet Earth

1974 ABC TV movie. Failed pilot. Gene Roddenberry. John Saxon, Diana Muldaur, Ted Cassidy (third time in a week on The Golden Horn.)

Ultimate Stephen King TV Spot Collection Ultimate Stephen King TV Spot Collection

Beloved and not so beloved. Should be a number. Also promos at random.

The Shining (1980) The Shining (1980)

ABC 1985. I was trying to think of another classic horror movie that got a lot of TV airing. Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The Last Screams of Shock-Tober The Last Screams of Shock-Tober

Lifeforce. WLVI promo. New. Also Halloween II. Plus This is Horror from MTV.

The New Tuesday Series is Obscure Television The New Tuesday Series is Obscure Television

And some of the more fun promo collections. Shared from my Kinja page. That could run indefinitely. Wednesday morning is snacks. I found a Wiki list of snack brand names that should be good to the end of the year. Tuesday/Wednesday.

W.E.B. W.E.B.

Short-lived 1978 NBC series on television production. Ripped off Network. 5 episodes.

The Clone Master The Clone Master

1978 NBC failed pilot.

Quick & Quiet Quick & Quiet

New 1981 CBS promo. I can’t find anything about this show. May be a one-off. A detective show never came across till now.

The Hostage Tower The Hostage Tower

1980 TV movie. All-Star cast. Idea by Alistair MacLean. Peter Fonda, Billy Dee Williams, Maud Adams, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Keir Dullea, Britt Ekland.

The Horror Show The Horror Show

1979 CBS special on horror movies with host Norman Bates.

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