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Spin-off of Spin-offs Spin-off of Spin-offs

But I’ll miss Sheriff Lobo.

Police Academy Promos and TV Spots Police Academy Promos and TV Spots

Nathan Rabin has reviewed a couple of the sequels recently and the original was in the top ten earners of 1984. Big hit. (Now with more Guttenberg. Added a couple of interviews and Random Roles. And Tim Kazurinsky. Always liked that guy.)

Day By Day Day By Day

1988-89 NBC. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Christoper Daniel Barnes. Created by Gary David Goldberg.

Norm Norm

The Norm Show. 1999-2001 ABC. With Norm Macdonald.

TNT Promos II TNT Promos II

The rest of the 90s. Great Toon Takeover 1994.

The Sheriff and the Astronaut The Sheriff and the Astronaut

1984 CBS failed pilot with Alec Baldwin. With Magnum and Simon & Simon.

May 10, 1979 Commercials May 10, 1979 Commercials

Tuc cracker from Keebler, Bad News Bears TV show, Bugs Bunny Mother’s Day Special. 10 minute ad block. Bad News cast had Jack Warden, Sparky Marcus, Corey Feldman, Meeno Peluce, Billy Jayne, Catherine Hicks, and Tricia Cast as Amanda, who I know from the Jason Bateman 80s show, It’s Your Move. I also saw her the…

TNT Promos TNT Promos

Super 70s Week 1995. Premiered in 1988.

Rafferty  Rafferty 

1977 CBS. Patrick McGoohan. 13 episodes.

Out of This World Out of This World

1987-91 syndicated. Part of the Prime Time Begins at 7:30 experiment by NBC.

Marblehead Manor  Marblehead Manor 

1987-88 syndicated. Michael Richards. One of the shows in the Prime Time Begins at 7:30 block by NBC. 24 episodes.

Throb Throb

1986-88 syndicated. Diana Canova, Jane Leeves, a young Paul Walker.

Free Country Free Country

1978 ABC. Rob Reiner, Joe Pantoliano. 5 episodes.

The Shape of Things The Shape of Things

NBC 1982. 3 episodes.

Mr. Horn Mr. Horn

1979 CBS TV movie. David Carradine. Directed by Jack Starrett.

The Legend of the Golden Gun The Legend of the Golden Gun

1979 NBC TV movie.

The Prisoner Promos The Prisoner Promos

This was something I got on DVD from the library when I first started going there. Without knowing anything about it. I am a big Leo McKern fan so it was fun to see him in it.

Mitchell Mitchell

World Television Premiere. 1977 CBS. New.

The Saint The Saint

this-TV now airing multiple episodes of The Saint on Saturday nights. Roger Moore. 1962-69. I’ve got a couple of the old Charteris paperbacks but I’ve never read them. Never seen the series either.

Casablanca Casablanca

1983 NBC. David Soul. 5 episodes. Another show nowhere to be found on the Wiki TV schedule, even though it has a Wiki page, and I totally relied on that source for my short-lived TV research.

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