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Frannie's Turn Frannie's Turn

1992 CBS. Chuck Lorre’s first show. 6 episodes.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC 1964-68.  Plays late Saturday nights on Me-TV.

Syndicated Cartoons and Afternoon Shows Syndicated Cartoons and Afternoon Shows

That Barney Rubble. What an actor.

Jake's M.O. Jake's M.O.

Part reporter, part bloodhound. 1987 NBC. Failed pilot. Fred Gwynne. I spotted Kenneth Tigar in the promo. And more from the NBC commercial block.

Saving the Wu Guide to Television Saving the Wu Guide to Television

Almost done saving the TV/Promos posts to flash drive.

The Demon Murder Case The Demon Murder Case

1983 NBC. Young Kevin Bacon. True story possessed by a demon.

Nobody Nails 'Em Like Hammer Nobody Nails 'Em Like Hammer

Mike Hammer. New 1985.

Goodbye Charlie Goodbye Charlie

Failed pilot. 1985 ABC. Suzanne Somers, John Davidson. And New Coke. It’s a hit. From an ABC airing of The Shining. Ernie Anderson.

Monster Squad Monster Squad

1976-77 NBC. 13 episodes.

The Fantastic Funnies The Fantastic Funnies

1980 CBS with Loni Anderson. Comic strip special. Full thing new from the Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

Beanpole Beanpole

Failed pilot. 1990 ABC. New promo.

Almost Grown Almost Grown

1988-89 CBS. Tim Daly. Created by David Chase. 13 episodes.

Boozin' Buddies! Boozin' Buddies!

New. 1984 NBC. Family Ties. Uncle Ned is back (Tom Hanks) and he’s drinking. Hence the Boozin’ Buddies thing from NBC sly wit. The previous plotline with Ned running from the FBI and “the Fat Man walks alone” was excellent. Plus more new NBC promos.

TV 101 TV 101

1988-89 CBS. Matt LeBlanc, Teri Polo, Stacey Dash, Sam Robards. 13 episodes.

Goodtime Girls Goodtime Girls

1980 ABC. Annie Potts, Georgia Engel, Adrian Zmed, Peter Scolari. 12 episodes. One unaired.

Roseanne Promos Roseanne Promos

Is that what you call self-destructive behavior? I like the tornado episode. 1988-1997 ABC.

Caribe Caribe

1975 ABC. Stacy Keach, Carl Franklin. His beat is the Caribbean. 13 episodes.

Spin-off of Spin-offs Spin-off of Spin-offs

But I’ll miss Sheriff Lobo.

Police Academy Promos and TV Spots Police Academy Promos and TV Spots

Nathan Rabin has reviewed a couple of the sequels recently and the original was in the top ten earners of 1984. Big hit. (Now with more Guttenberg. Added a couple of interviews and Random Roles. And Tim Kazurinsky. Always liked that guy.)

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